Calikula's Imperial Weekend Thread: That's all folks!  Edition

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday Friends! Weekend thread back for the last time this year. It's been a good run, but with the Preseason already under way, TC over with, and a regular season of Broncos to talk about, I think this is a good time to bring this to an end. The traffic on the weekend threads have been winding down, and with good reason, we finally have something of substance on our beloved Broncos!!! This weekend thread will come back in the offseason, when there is less Broncos to talk about and more BS. So a very heartfelt thank you from me to you, for you contributions to the weekend thread. Special thanks goes to Bronco Mike, without his support, I would have given up on this thing long ago. You guys of course already know that I practically live on MHR, so you wont be missing me. So until next time, crack a brew, dip a chew, or walk with a gangster lean until the thread comes back again. Special thanks to all the regular weekend threaders: BFFL, CO Hobbit, Orange Rhino, Ozark, Bolander, Idahobronc, WillyB, Kronk-00 and Bradfather. Also all hail our overlord, Kyle Montgomery, aka K-Money, aka K-$ So long for now folks!

Ground Rules:

1. No cursing. If you must do a F*** or a sh** but lets keep it PG 13 folks.

2. Leave bad blood at the door. If you got beef with someone, don't continue it here.

3. Leave trolling at the door as well. If you must troll, please come up with something more clever-er than "Donkeys" Also applies to us as well, folks. Lets leave the trash talking of other teams for other threads. Gotta set the example!

4. Dont turn this place into a mess of a thread over politics, race, war religion, etc.

5. Respect each other.

Don't follow these rules, and my Imperial Homies Bronco Mike and Tim Lynch will handle ya'. Here's a pic:


Imperial Quote of the Week:

This one comes from fellow Broncos fan and co-creator of South Park Trey Parker:



"Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it."

And the hot chick of the week:



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