Some Interesting Names on NFL Cutlists

I was perusing the NFL cut lists this morning and saw several names that might ring some bells within the community.

Arizona cut TE Richard Quinn. That's the second time Quinn's been cut this summer.

Baltimore cut former CU Buff DE Will Pericak. I wonder whatever happened to Jon Major.

Carolina cut WR Dale Moss, who was mentioned in pre-draft rhetoric a few seasons ago.

The Bears cut LB Jerry Franklin, a LB out of Arkansas, that I'd foolishly compared to Luke Kuechly. They also cut S Brandon Hardin, a freakish combo of size and speed.

The Bengals cut Dontay Moch and Shaun Prater, two names that received pre-draft praise from several of MHR's resident draftniks. But who wouldn't be intrigued by Moch's athleticism? Just too raw.

Detroit cut Matt Willis.

Houston cut Mike Mohammed.

The Colts cut Davin Meggett, the son of former NFL running back Dave Meggett. And the Redskins cut Chase Minnifield, the son of former NFL CB Frank Minnifield.

Miami cut Chad Bumphis and Marvin McNutt, two wide receivers who'd garnered some draftnik love. Jeff Fuller was also shown the door. Speaking of Texas A&M receivers, Ryan Swope announced his retirement earlier this summer.

The Giants cut OL Selvish Capers. That's only notable because of his name. What was his mother thinking?

The Jets cut QB Greg McElroy, which is interesting because he's probably the best QB on their roster.

The Raiders cut WR Connor Vernon, another slot receiver that some draftniks touted as the next Great White Slot Receiver (along with Ryan Swope and Devon Wylie - only Wylie still has a chance).

The Steelers parted ways with Alameda Ta'amu, a full-time psychopath and part-time nose tackle.

The Chargers cut C David Molk, someone I'd advocated the Broncos taking. Guess I was wrong on that one too. I mean, if he can't make the Chargers' offensive line...

For a team that supposedly needs WR help, the Niners cuts some players with productive NFL histories: Austin Collie and Kassim Osgood.

The Seahawks cut Brady Quinn. I'm sure BQ will find another Coke machine to scurry under.

The Buccaneers cut Spencer Larsen. And two Owusu's. And Mike Shanahan. And Adam Weber.

The Titans cut Scott Solomon, a DE who someone around here was stumping for pre-draft. They also cut Casey Studdard, son of former Bronco OT Dave Studdard.

In addition to Chase Minnifield, the Redskins released OT Jeremy Trueblood. He'll remained unemployed for about 300 seconds.

Anyway, lots of memorable names. Just goes to show you how hard it is to make an NFL roster.

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