Outsiders Perspective: New York Giants

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, we'll look at Denver's upcoming opponent through the eyes of Football Outsiders. This week: Peyton Manning's little brother's New York Giants.

Recall that negative DVOA's are good on defense, bad on offense and specials. Football Outsiders stats explained.

Giants Offense: -8.7% DVOA (22nd)

The New York Giants surrendered five turnovers in their Week One loss, easily the largest contributing factor to their dismal offensive productivity through one week of football. But Eli Manning and Victor Cruz still connected on three touchdowns, and the younger Manning eclipsed 450 passing yards anyway. The real weakness is the running game - running back David Wilson may be in Tom Coughlin's doghouse again after losing two fumbles, but the production wasn't there in the first place. The Giants have the second lowest rushing VOA in the league, -94.9%.

The matchup: Broncos defense is -20% DVOA (6th).

Giants Defense: -5.4% DVOA (11th)

The pass rushing tandem of Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul has not been the same terrorizing unit in recent years, but that didn't stop them from having a productive game last Sunday. Tuck notched half a a sack, a knockdown and four hurries, while Pierre-Paul, a game-time decision coming back from injury, managed to record a sack and three hurries on Tony Romo. While at first glance the final score suggests the Giants defense had difficulties with the Cowboys, in fact two of Dallas' touchdowns were defensive scores from fumble and interception returns respectively. New York's D kept the Giants in the game into the fourth quarter despite New York's offense repeatedly coughing up the ball to the Cowboys. They had no answer for tight end Jason Witten though, who scored two touchdowns off eight catches - look for the Broncos to try and use Julius Thomas in the same vein.

The matchup: Broncos boasts FO's top offensive DVOA at 57.6% (1st)

Giants Special Teams: -10.9% DVOA (29th)

Kicker Josh Brown made his one field goal attempt (20 yards),

The matchup: Broncos special teams: -4.8% (23rd)


Overall the Broncos look like the much better team - on paper. But the sample size is so small, it's really only enough to say, "The Broncos played the better game last week," not "The Broncos are the better team this year." Denver needs to consider the explosive Giants offense with great care before hitting the field Sunday, or it will a be a shootout in Met Life Stadium where the last team to hold the ball could win.

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