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3 strikes, you're out! Sorry Eli, big brother is leaps and bounds a better QB. You've been gifted with a more dominant defense throughout your career.....until now. That extra ring has an * next to it. Holding the Patriots to teen points each Super Bowl should have earned the defense the MVP. This 2013 Denver Bronco team is a juggernaut and best to stay out of the way. Peyton was his usual brilliant self while little brother was throwing interceptions across the defense. Like last week, the score doesn't even show how dominating this game was for the team in Orange. There were concerns that we would limp out of Von's 6 game suspension with a 3-3 record. 2 of those losses were potentially from the two teams we just ran over. It's scary how much better this team is going to get when Champ and Miller return. Cheers to a great year everyone. Enjoy the ride!

Knowshow Shows Up

This kid has taken tons of criticism since being drafted in the first round like it was his fault. I've always been a Knowshon supporter, but his lack of consistency made it tough to defend. Tough to stay on the field when you're injured. He's clearly the best RB in the stable. He may not be the fastest player, but just fast enough to turn the corner and score not one but two 20+ yard runs around the right side with Orlando Franklin leading the way. Both runs were very reminiscent of the running of the bulls in Spain. Franklin did an outstanding job on the first TD after sealing the edge on the initial block, then releasing to the second level to block the safety and allowing Knowshon to plow into the endzone. The second TD was Virgil Green sealing the edge and moving to the second level. Even on Welker's TD grab, Knowshon would have walked into the endzone if they had given it to him.

All 3 Phases

Everyone knows about our high flying offense. When you have 4 players with multiple TDs already in just 2 weeks, you're putting up points. I'm sure glad we paid less for an old washed up Welker than for a man made of glass needing adductor surgery. Now the defense is shutting down offenses and forcing turnovers(6 INTs) and the Holliday is running buck wild against the opposing special teams. All 3 phases are playing complementary football and it's tough to beat this team. If one phase is spinning their own tires, you can rely on either of the other 2 to make a game changing play. Big shout out to this coaching staff for maximizing their players' abilities.

Stout Defense

IN ABSOLUTE LOVE with our run defense! The big uglies up front are dominating the point of attack and forcing teams to be one dimensional. This defense is giving up just a paltry average of 44 yards a game on the ground. That includes an All Pro RB a week ago. It was a sight to see play after play someone different was breaking into the backfield on a tackle for loss. The team had a dominating 7 TFL on the day showing how much we were playing on the opposing side of the ball. On top of that, the defensive backfield recorded 12 passes defensed! That's sticky man defense right there by the DB/LBs. And the cherry on top was the 4 INTs of a Manning, the other one. It just stinks that we resolve to Foxball at the end of each blowout and allow the other teams to pad their stats. This defense is not as bad as the points we're giving up. We don't even have our 2 best defenders playing!

There's A Flag On The Play

Far too often a great defensive play would be nullified by some dirty laundry. We gave up an ALARMING 10 first downs through penalties. Tony Carter was one of the main culprits. Eli found the weakest link of this dominating defense and he kept attacking it. He didn't really have any other options as DRC and Harris Jr. had things pretty tight. Tony did come away with 4 passes defensed but was too early on several occasions. DRC also kept a scoring drive alive. Of course several of the flags were ticky tacky, but penalties could eventually decide a game. Just look back to the last time the Broncos lost. It still amazes me that DBs don't realize they can't touch these WRs after 5 yards. Playing as a DB, I knew what pass interference was and did everything in my power from doing it. These DBs act out in amazement when they get caught tugging at a jersey as the ball arrives. You know exactly what you did.

Where's The Sacks?

7 times Eli was hit, but he was only officially sacked once in the game. Unfortunately, I don't have the actually hurry statistics, but I know Eli was running for his life. Several times Eli was able to shed a tackle and avoid the sack. Our defensive front was unable to record a sack but they certainly got their hands on Eli more than a couple times. Even Malik Jackson was flashing on the screen. He stood out a couple times to me, but Robert Ayers has shown the ability many few could ever imagine. Another one of the drafted in the first round like it was his fault. Glad to see him put together several pass rushing moves that he didn't have in years past. His development is clear to see. Another kudos to the coaching staff. We are NOT missing Elvis at all with Ayers in his spot. He helped in forcing Eli into 4 INTs on the night. Eli was not able to sit in the pocket and pick this defense apart. Though we are blitzing more than I'd prefer. In a perferct world(starting in week 7) I'd rather have our front 4 rush and drop the other 7 into coverage.

Protect The Freaking

Outstanding job by the offensive line this week. Giving up zero sacks to the Giants is no easy task. Peyton was hit only twice on the night and several times was able to just sit in the pocket for up to 4 seconds to scan the field for an inevitable open receiver. Certainly helps that you have weapons all over the field that you have to account for. The Giants couldn't risk blitzing or else Peyton would find one of those weapons for a big chunk of yardage. Force the defense to play man to man and Peyton is going to beat you. The Giants' front 4 was rarely in Peyton's face and the score showed it. Back to back weeks this team scores in the 40's and still has one of the top defenses in the league. Though the run game still needs to improve, rest assured that the investment at the most important position is well protected.

Little Quick Notes:

  • Prater hits a FG from the 40's again! Anyone else notice the weight he's gained? Is he trying to be like Seabass?
  • Ball with the momentum killing fumble into the endzone where he would have scored. That play seemed to stall the offense for the rest of the first half until they got it rolling again in the second.
  • Ihenacho is definitely in my top 4 favorite players this year. Love his speed when he commits to a play. He comes downhill in a hurry. Love it. Hope he gets healthy right away and hearing he was walking around in the locker room was a big relief.
  • Foxball reared its ugly head again. Forcing runs up the middle gaining no yardage and letting the Giants try to creep back into the game. So far, it hasn't cost us much but padded stats against our defense.
  • Eddie Royal.....pfft
  • Supposedly we have the worst division in football. AFC West 3 - 0 NFC East
  • That Victor Cruz is pretty tough to defend huh?
  • Living in Rhode Island, it's always amusing seeing Patriot fans have the need to point out each time Welker drops a pass.....then quiet as a mouse after he scores another touchdown.

Another week, another win. There were some concerns leading up to this game. I didn't really give the Ravens much credit. I didn't think they were going to be a playoff team anyway so week 1 didn't really show me much more than a shell of a Super Bowl team. You never know what you're going to get with the Giants. They barely lost last week to the yearly Super Bowl favorites in Dallas after turning the ball over and over. These guys were dangerous and we didn't have Champ or Von. This week 2 win just shows me we are a complete team all around. Keep that firing burning and stay focused on winning every game week after week. On to the Raiduhs! Go Broncos!


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