Broncos vs Giants: The No Bull Review

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We Got This

If you didn't like what you saw in the Giant's game from our team overall there's something off with you (too critical, too pessimistic, too much eggs in our blue chip player's baskets). For week 2 of the season there was a lot to love about how the team is progressing especially on the defensive side of the ball. I think I've been saying this since last year, but if our offense ever gets going in the first half we will make our opponent's fans cry themselves to sleep the night after the game.

Sure there is plenty of stuff for our team to work on, but this is the time of year for your offense to derp itself through the first half of game. Especially when your D holds the other team to 9 points on three very solid drives. Eli once again showed me that he's nothing special at all...the guy can throw a pretty pass, but if you don't have the decision-making, ability to read defenses at a high level, and the ability to elevate your team you aren't a great QB. I like a lot about the Giants team...but QB is an area that they can really improve at.


Montee Ball - Let's get this party started right. Montee is now clearly in the category I had Ronnie Hillman in last year around mid-season: "I'm cheering for him hard to get better, but I think he's just a guy." All you Montee Ball fans out there need to get ready for a let-down because this kid has a very long way to go to be starter quality at the RB position.

  • His carrying form in traffic was just awful. You can one-arm it there, but you have to have it properly cradled. I'm amazed that a guy is in the NFL getting fed carries to help him grow and he doesn't even have this basic thing down. I can live with fumbles when they are just great plays by the defense...but when you have the ball sticking out the bottom of your arm it is all on you.
  • What was his average per run? Did he even break a yard? Cause if he did I'd be surprised (I'm not a big stats guy...I know you guys can google it).
  • He doesn't run with quickness or burst at all. I noted twice clear cut-back lanes that he wasn't able to get he didn't even try (poor vision/decision making) and the other he tried but turned like a semi with a full load making a right hand turn in the middle of town.
  • That's okay if you are a big back, but when you don't run with power either then what exactly do you bring to the table? SHOW ME SOMETHING DUDE!

Knowshon Moreno - Let's contrast that hate with some love and a sprinkling of "what did I tell you this off-season?" No-Bull right here guys. Moreno is hands-down the best running back on our team. He will be until he gets hurt.

  • Montee should be keeping his eyes glued on Knowshon from the sidelines and try to pick up a few things. One of them is running with a lean. Knowshon picked that up last season and has taken it to heart. I almost shed a tear at the beauty of some of Knowshon's tough runs inside where he ground out a few yards from nothing.
  • The 2nd TD showed Knowshon's jets. Go watch a replay of that cat. When I saw him change gears around the edge, I knew it was a TD. The defense wasn't ready for that speed at all.

O-Line - Shout out to my boys in the trenches. Like the game overall there is a lot to work on, but man some of these cats were jackin dudes up. They still need to consistently win more on their run blocking assignments (there is a disturbing lack of holes opening up inside the tackles).

  • On Moreno's 1st TD Franklin blew me away with his speed and ability to get out and down the field like that.
  • Louis Vasquez and Virgil Green tandem blocked the 2nd TD perfectly.

Wes Welker TD - This TD was completely and absolutely an unstoppable call against the defense the Giants had out there. The Giants had a CB in (Terrel Thomas) playing the Will position and another DB lined up on Welker's outside shoulder. The CB is paying way too much attention to the run game and get sucked in for just a split second on the play fake by Manning. You can't give the Manning / Welker combo a split second in a goal-line situation. You couldn't get away with that with Brady / Welker either. Can I get a TYJE from Broncos Country for his front-office work?

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • I love ya Peyton, but throwing into coverage early in the game like that isn't your strong suit...that window was way too small.
  • The Demaryius Thomas quick screen in the first half on 3rd down was completely predictable. I knew we were running it as we walked to the line of scrimmage and so did the Giants. Whoever called it (Manning or Gase) needs their tail ends chewed on.


Chris Harris: MVP - Yeah, yeah, I know he got burnt on a couple of passes. Champ Bailey in his prime got burnt. What do great CBs do when they get burnt? They forget it and for the majority of a game against a supreme talent at WR they play lights-out football. Woodyard normally gets this kind of nod from me for being around every play, but this week Harris straight stole the defensive spotlight to me.

  • Not only did he have the poise to come back from eating a big play, but he also was able to keep calm under heavy ref duress (imaginary defensive holding and pass interference calls).
  • It is worth noting if no one else has pointed it out...that early big play on Harris was on the safety (I think it was Rahim) who left his assignment in cover-1. Harris did his job (taking away the outside) and expected the safety to have that side of Cruz.
  • I love that the completely quirky off-ankle INT ended up in his hands. Chris deserves some gimme INTs for how well he plays.

D-Line - Many won't notice it that are't fans of good defense, but our guys up front straight up stole the Giants' lunch money in this game. It wasn't just one or two guys either. I noted at least four guys making impact plays in this one.

  • Let's start with big Kevin Vickerson destroying run plays, shall we? Dude absolutely blew his man off the ball for a TFL (if you are young in the game, keep in mind that that's as good as a sack).
  • Robert Ayers love incoming. Some might say that the Giants left Ayers unblocked on his pressure late in the game, but they would be wrong. Ayers was a flipping ninja on that play...he dodged between two guys juking three times. His moves completely bewildered the defender. Color me impressed.
  • Malik Jackson was up in it as well getting a TFL. I'm curious to see how much more we can get him to rotate in this season. He was disruptive this game in the action he saw.
  • Derek Wolfe won't show up on paper for this game...but that was because he was demanding double-teams constantly and beating them from time to time. The only reason he didn't rack up stats was because Eli was very good at rolling away from pressure.
  • When you hold the opponent to less than 25 yards rushing, your linemen are doing something VERY right.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - TYJE #2. Refs aside, this guy plays phenomenally. Funny how well guys can do when you have them play to their strengths.

  • DRC's 1st PI call was both uncatchable and a ricky-tick call.
  • DRC's 2nd PI call in the endzone was absolutely, positively a ref having money on the game wanting to hand NY a TD. That play was perfectly timed and executed. That play belongs on film to teach football players how to play man coverage in the red zone. I consider the final score of that game to be Broncos 41, Giants 17.

Special Teams

Trindon Holliday - I love this kid being on the team. He's a heck of a weapon and absolutely iced the game with his return. I also liked his decision-making this game...he wasn't just trying to return everything and getting killed. If the dude can keep growing in his craft and making sound decisions, he'll be a part of this team as a KR for years to come.

Matt Prater - Did I just see this guy go two for two on 40-49 yard FGs? What!? Most people may not care about it, but wow...that's progress Matt!


I gotta give the guys making the calls from the sidelines props here. Those half-time adjustments are filthy and they have been for some time now. Fox on game day may suck at situational football calls, but he and his staff are world-beaters with their ability to adjust. When we went 12 offensively in the 2nd half the Giants were really clueless on what was happening. When you have depth and versatility at the TE position (Virgil Green) you can do some cool stuff like that.

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