Madden Predictions, Week 4, 2013

Another week has come and gone, the sky is blue and the Broncos blew out another opponent. All is right with the world.

Last week's predictions had the results nailed. The sim averages in fact almost had the point differential nailed as well. The sims predicted a 17 point win, we actually won by 16.

This week, instead of playing the game against the computer I played against a fan of the other team we are playing this Sunday. I decided to provide a transcript of the interactions between me and the Eagle fan during this game. Any profanity will be censored out.

"Ooh, I won the coin toss! Kick me the ball, ^#^&$!!!!"

"Oh, you *#&$ &@&*#! You can #&&** and &@ on the #&&*@^!!"

"@^^*#*(@, you #&*&@&*'

"Oh yeah? Well, @&*$%! the @&*#$, you @&&**@$!!"

On second though, maybe that wasn't the best idea. Oh well, moving on.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos

Final Score: Denver 56, Philadelphia 8

On this one, I went and ran the score up pretty high. My opponent was very.... loud mouthed, so I took him to the wood shed. In the course of the game, he thought he was going to run me out of the stadium by running Vick out of the backfield every other play. That didn't work out so well, as halfway through the first quarter, I hit him down field with Nacho and he got knocked the blank out. Pretty much game over at that point.

Relevant stats

Passing: Denver - P. Manning - 23/30, 480 YDs, 6TDs

Philadelphia - N. Foles - 12/28, 170 YDs, 2 INTs

M. Vick - 2/9, 34 YDs, 1 INT

Rushing: Denver - R. Hillman - 11 ATT, 49 YDs

Philadelphia - L. McCoy - 10 ATT, 38 YDs

M. Vick - 6 ATT, 50 YDs, 1 TD

Receiving: Denver - D. Thomas - 7 REC, 106 YDs, 2 TDs

W. Welker - 6 REC, 117 YDs, 2 TDs

Philadephia - D. Jackson - 4 REC, 60 YDs

J. Casey - 3 REC, 26 YDs

Defense: Denver - S. Phillips - 6 TCKLs, 3.5 SACKs

C. Harris - 2 TCKLs, 2 INTs

Philadelphia - C. Geathers - 7 TCKLs

C. Barwin - 5 TCKLs, 1 SACK

Special Teams: Denver - T. Holliday - 4 P. Ret., Long 88 YDs, 1 TD

Philadelphia - Nothing special about their special teams

Sim Results

This week, the sims really liked Denver. For some reason, all five went the Broncos' way.

Sim 1: Denver 38, Philadelphia 10

Sim 2: Denver 27, Philadelphia 20

Sim 3: Denver 45, Philadelphia 20

Sim 4: Denver 18, Philadelphia 0

Sim 5: Denver 37, Philadelphia 7

Sim Average: Denver 33, Philadelphia 11

Overall Average: Denver 37, Philadephia 11

So, thus far this season, the predictions are 2-0. This week suggests another blowout, which would not be surprising to me in the slightest. 19-0 until we ain't, and we're still on track. GO BRONCOS!!!

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