Broncos vs. Ravens (Offense Edition)

Why the Denver Broncos will win this week. Position vs. Position

Denver Broncos Offensive Line vs. Ravens Defensive Line. Starting at the Top of the list you have Ryan Clady V Terrell Suggs. As I do believe Suggs is still a good pass rusher I don’t believe he is in his playing prime he was when he won Defensive Player of the Year and has been constantly injury prone. Clady on the other hand is at full strength and in the prime of his career and is unarguably a top 5 Left Tackle that has shown on a constant basis he can shut down the best of them. Denver Wins here

Zane Beadles vs. Arthur Jones Zane Beadles won’t be asked to take on much of a pass rushing threat but he will have his hands full when asked to clear lanes for the running back in Arthur Jones. A big DT, Jones is a lane clutter-er (word?) not a pass rusher and might actually come off the field on pass rushing downs. Zane has shown he can get his man up field and turn them, maybe not with pancake blocks but with a tricky a great lower frame to turn his man. Denver Wins here

Manny Ramirez vs. Haloti Ngata This is an obvious win for the Ravens as no one will dispute that Ngata isn’t a top NT versus any Center in the league. But do not sleep on Ramirez. As he is NOT starting Guard and is not great in space, he is very stout in keeping his own area clean, and playing Center that is all that you are asked to do. As I don’t think the Broncos will run many plays off his shoulders I do believe Peyton will not have to worry about Ngata falling in Manning’s lap. Ramirez has one job to really worry about, and that’s choosing the correct A-Gap to fill, as he won’t be one on one with either Jones or Ngata very much without Guard help. Ravens win here.

Louis Vasquez vs. Chris Canty Louis Vasquez in his last 3 years in SD has 2 flags in that time span… TWO flags! This man can hold his own versus the best of them and I have no doubt (if healthy) will be a strong candidate to make the Pro-bowl this year. Chris Canty is a proven DE who is a big bigger then your prototypical DE and all reports from Ravens camp looks back to his days of Old from New York. I will take the younger Vasquez in this match up as Canty will rotate with Spears as well. Denver Wins here

Orlando Franklin vs. Elvis Dumervil/Courtney Upshaw Courtney Upshaw will play on run downs and in their base defense and Dumervil will come in on pass rushing situations. As I do believe Franklin can hold his own versus Upshaw, I do no trust Franklin in space against Dumervil. Franklin has not shown yet that he can get low enough for the smaller OLBs in the this league. Dumervil will need to be chipped by a running back almost every passing down. Ravens Win here

Running backs Tight Ends vs. Linebackers and safeties. I think we all know Montee Ball will run the ball on base downs (1st and 10, 2nd 5 or fewer) and Knowshon will play on passing downs. Josh Bynes and Daryl Smith are both sure tacklers with a between the tackles, but both are not very good in open space. Smith has put up consistent huge numbers in tackles whilst in Jacksonville, but remember teams were always beating Jacksonville down and ran the ball in the second half where tackles were there to be had. While they are sure handed tacklers between the tackles they are not so good in space nor are they great in coverage. I don’t think Montee has a GREAT game but I do think he keeps the defense honest. Julius Thomas has to come up big here. He won’t be asked to block Dumervil nor will he be asked to block consistently on run downs (Greene will sub), he will be huge as exposing their Linebackers coverage weaknesses in the passing game. Their Linebackers will do well to stuff the running game after about 3-4 yards, but I think our Tight End receiving options with Julius and Tamme can and will expose their Linebackers. Michael Huff was switched to CB last year in Oakland and can cover, but he’s not the physical cover safety he once was and was and gambled a lot which helped and hurt his team last year. I think Julius gets the edge there. I call this one a push

Wide Receivers vs. Cornerback/Safety We all know who our guys are, don’t need to go over them im sure. Corey Graham and Lardarius Webb, Both very savvy Cornerbacks, but Webb is coming off an injury and Graham will be a bit undersized against DT. Graham is a pro bowl CB who has shown he can get the job done whilst not a shut down corner he can make plays if the play is there to be made. Before his injury Webb was a very good and underrated cornerback (much like our own Chris Harris) but now coming off an injury I don’t believe he can stand up to Eric Decker play in play out with out Decker getting separation. If im not mistaken Jimmy Smith is the Nickel Corner (correct me if im wrong), matching him up against the Slot Machine Wes Welker. When Welker played in New England, he was involved with a team who played between the seems, meaning their Tight Ends played a lot of crossing routes as well as underneath stuff. Now Wes will play with a team that can literally go anywhere on the field thus opening lanes for Welker, opening a lot more room for Welker’s option routes. I have no problem giving this win to Denver

Peyton Manning vs. Joe Flacco (can only compare the two to each other) Peyton Manning came off 4 neck surgeries and an offseason where everyone thought his head would pop off if hit. Its won’t be 9 degrees at the start of the game, it isn’t the beginning of the year when he didn’t know his teammates and this is his 2nd year in an offense said to be one of if not the best in the NFL. If not for Adrian Peterson having a year for the ages, Peyton Manning would have won his 5th NFL MVP. Joe Flacco since being drafter has the highest number of wins out of any QB in the league, to what degree does this fall on HIS shoulders and not his defense’s shoulders is still in question. He has a big arm and likes to run the hurry-up offense. But here is where I say no-no to Flacco. He owes part of his contract to the following players: Bolden, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Ray Lewis and his well timed retirement announcement, and Matt Prater and especially Rahim Moore. You need skill and a bit of luck to win a Super Bowl and Flacco got a bit more of one then he had the other. Peyton has the knowledge, now he has the arm, and now he has 2 more receiving options he hadn’t had before (Wes and J. Thomas), Flacco has lost players. Denver wins here

Our offense versus their physical defense should be fun to watch; while they have a very good Defensive line our offensive line is just as good. Our Running game may not be as prevalent as it will be against the Giants next week but with the altitude, the high octane hurry up offense we run and the receiving weapons we have, I don’t see their defense slowing us down. Defense will be done tomorrow, thanks for reading!

Wins: 6 Losses: 2 Tie: 1

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