The No Bull Season Prediction

Football is upon us Broncos Country. This is the last day I've got to chug the kool-aid and think big things for our Denver Broncos. After tonight we'll have some semblance of reality to slap us in the face and let us know where our team really stands.

Every year I think I start off thinking we're winning 12 games easy. So when it comes time to predict games I actually kinda cringe...I'm the "No Bull" guy after all. Doing predictions is an exercise in futility right? It pretty much is, but it is fun nonetheless. And there's always the chance that you nail it like I did last year (called 13-3 in my prediction post). So for today my swagger is in tact. Let's see how this season shapes up.

Week 1: Ravens at Broncos

I love me a good revenge opportunity. If you asked me a couple of months ago about this game, I'd say we win by 17 points easy. Now we are dinged up and have no Von Miller. It makes this game a situation where anything can happen.

Our offense will have no room for failure. Our defense will be challenged. Baltimore is a very very good team and they have been for years. I have coveted Ray Rice for years now and he's a handful in the extreme. Their defense isn't going to be easy to score on.

All that being said, I give the Broncos the win this week. We are at home. We have Peyton Manning. They have Joe Flacco (LOL). Bill Vinovich isn't reffing this game.

Record 1 - 0

Week 2: Broncos at Giants

One could argue that our two opening games are our toughest games of the year. I'm not the biggest fan of that, but you can only play the games they put in front of you. I do think our offense holds the advantage in this one. I doubt highly that Eli can keep up with Manning hanging 30+ on the G-men.

Record 2 - 0

Week 3: raiders at Broncos


Record 3 - 0

Week 4: Eagles at Broncos

This game intrigues me and worries me a little. The Eagles will have a mostly unknown quality coming into this game. New offense, trickeration, and very little study material for us. Nevertheless the Broncos win this one at home.

Record 4 - 0

Week 5: Broncos at Cowboys

Danger Will Robinson! We are still without Von against a team that has some PLAYMAKERS on offense. This is a game that could get away from us easily especially since we are on the road.

They have a new shiny Center and a replacement in the works for Witten though from the draft! Yay Jerrah! The bottom line is until Al Davis' little brother gets his hands off his team the Cowboys aren't going to be much of a threat other than big play potential.

Record 5 - 0

Week 6: Jaguars at Broncos

As much as I want the Jags to get better and be a good team, I don't see it this year. This should be another easy win for us.

Record 6 - 0

Week 7: Broncos at Colts

Here's a game I think many of us are looking forward to. Peyton Manning's revenge. I think we go into Indy and show Irsay what a colossal mistake he made in letting Manning go. Luck is going to have a terrible time throwing on our secondary...especially with Von in his face all game.

Record 7 - 0

Week 8: Redskins at Broncos

Shanny comes to town week 8 with his shiny new team. I don't think this will be an easy win by any stretch. I see this much like the Baltimore is a push (especially if RG III is healthy). We're at home for this one too though, so I give us the win.

Record 8 - 0

Week 9: Broncos at Chargers

I honestly have no idea what the Chargers are going to look like this year. I can see them losing 10+ games. I can see them winning 10 games. All I know is that currently we have their number. Phylis

Record 9 - 0

Week 10: Chiefs at Broncos

Here come everyone's favorite paper tigers! Cmon down you elite team with 7 Pro Bowlers, better LBs than Von Miller, and the brand new coach / qb combo that is going to bring the NFL to its Knees!


Record 10 - 0

Week 11: Broncos at Patriots

I want more than anything to win this game. I think we can win it. But I've always thought that. The NFL again makes us play in New England (Have you guys noticed how often this has happened this decade?). Here's where our flawless season ends.

Record 10 - 1

Week 12: Broncos at Chiefs

Alex Smith throws for 3 TDs 300 yards...Jamal Charles runs for 150 yards and a TD. And they still lose by 14.

Record 11 - 1

Week 13: Titans at Broncos

I think the Titans are going to be a threat this year...but not at our house.

Record 12 - 1

Week 14: Chargers at Broncos

I love watching a good whooping. This game will see us completely destroy all hope from Phylis as he looks at a team that has a chance at winning it all and realizes it will never be him.

Record 13 - 1

Week 15: Broncos at Texans

I don't think we'll be resting our starters, but I do think this game will be a bit vanilla and guarded. Houston will be a potential playoff match for us. I see us having home field advantage wrapped up and unfortunately not caring much about this game.

Record 13 - 2

Week 16: Raiders at Broncos

There's nothing like getting a good practice match in before you go into a big tournament to help keep the machine oiled. Our favorite Div II opponents show up for their beating to put a cherry on the season.

Record 14 - 2

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