Broncoman's Likes and Dislikes on the Ravens Game

While this was a terrific win for the Broncos, it still only mildly soothes the sting from last year’s playoff loss in my mind, and while there were plenty of positives about the game, there were also some negatives. So with that in mind let me get to my likes and dislikes of the game:

Like – Turbo charging the offense.

Dislike – Turbo charging the offense. While this may seem like a two face, let me explain that while I loved the pace they were trying to achieve, the big problem with that is when it is not working and you have 30 second 3 and outs, you start gassing your defense. I think this is something Manning and Gasse will adjust through the season, but I would like to see the offense slow down a little after a big lead or if they have a series of 3 and outs.

Like – All WR’s except Eric Decker, as a group I thought this was outstanding from the WR’s, TE, and RB.

Dislike – Eric Decker drops, I understand drops happen, but Decker seems to drop way too many balls. Last night I thought he had a horrible game. This being a contract year for him and DT, I would assume he would try to correct that, but when I heard he was doing a reality show, I have to question where his head is at. Word of advice, drop the reality show and concentrate on football.

Like – Healthy O-line

Dislike – Blocking of Zane Beadles and Julius Thomas, Manning was taking way too many shots and a lot were from up the middle right through Beadles and Ramirez.

Like – Monte Ball and (cough) Knowshon Moreno running the ball, thought they ran hard and more importantly smart. Would of liked to see more of them sprinkled in.

Dislike – 3 strait runs in 4th Quarter, Fox reverted to turtle football, you do realize one reason you weren’t playing in the SB last year was the turtle mentality.

Like – Manning calling BS on that and throwing for 1st down late in 4th quarter to close out the game. That is what we need.

Dislike – Elvis Dumervil getting a sack, call me petty.

Like – Shaun Phillips, guy is a baller. Don’t care if he went up against a backup, he did what he was supposed to do and dominate the backup player. Once Doom is back, I am excited to see what he can do with attention thrown to Doom.

Dislike – Stupid mistakes by the Broncos, from Welker fielding that punt to begin with to Trevathan idiotic play, this team still seems to operate with a careless attitude at times. Hopefully this was it and people get their crap together.

Like – Coverage units in general, with the exception of Tony Carter who I thought looked like a 5’ 9" CB with a small frame and Paris Lenon who was abused when he was put in. Why they kept him in there instead of going dime or nickel with Trevathan and Irving after Woodyard went out I have no idea. Maybe they thought they were punishing Trevathan but note to Del Rio, the real people you were punishing was your defense for putting Lenon on the field. Also solid hits from the safeties and LB’s, thought they all did exceptionally well in timing their hits and not targeting. They put on a clinic on clean hits.

Like – Run Defense of the Broncos, other than a few runs, I thought they did very well all night.

Final Note: Ozzie Newsome gets a lot of my respect, but what John Elway has done this year should not be questioned. It looks like we absolutely dominated in free agency in getting DRC, Welker, Louis Vasquez, and Shaun Phillips, not to mention Terrance Knighton. All upgrades over what we had. If he can pull off similar magic every year and continue to make solid picks, and find those hidden UDFA gems (Harris, Ihenacho, CJ Anderson (hopefully) this team will be stacked for a long time.

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