Eric Decker; The Carrot or The Stick?



This is your fourth year in the league. Four years ago I threw three interceptions against these very Denver Broncos of ours. And so ya, I had a bad day. So what? That same year I went on to the very humbled status of First Team All Pro, Offensive Player of the Year, and League MVP for a record 4th time. I had a bad game. What?

Honestly, I've thrown three picks in a single game more times than I can remember. I even actually threw six picks in a game once. And then in a different season, I once threw 8 picks in just a two game stretch - 4 in each. What?

Shit man, even last year, you saw how I got rolled up for three picks in Atlanta and then rallied to help our team to the #1 seed. The list goes on, my man. Shit happens.

Look here, you had a bad game on Thursday Night. I'd like to promise you that I won't flip it on ya here and there, but you know me better than that. And you know we'll be laughing about it later. You had a bad game... What? It won't define you.

You're not lost and you're not forgotten, my brother. You're an important part of this offense, and all you've done is earned single coverage for Sunday's game against my brother. We need ya, man. And we're counting on you same as before. Nothing's changed. Figure out what went wrong, and know that it was mental. Fix it, like I know you will.

Eric, you caught 13 touchdowns for me last year, and I'll need some of that moxie in the coming days. The next time we speak of this we'll be laughing. So get over it already, would ya? I know you will.

But if I find out that bitch Jessie had anything to do with this, I'll kill her. Kidding, of couse. Kinda ;)

Fictitiously yours,

Peyton MF Manning.

I hear people say that we no longer need Decker so much. Overrated, they say. Over priced for next year. No longer important. The grass is greener. So let me be absolutely clear here.... Child Please! The Wrecking Crew doesn't work as well with a man down. He is who he was. He had a bad day.... What?

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