Random Rants and Rewards - Raiders

May be hard to believe but when you win a game where virtually everything goes right, it's hard to find anything to write about. Sure I could go on and on about this offense, but what could I really say at this point that hasn't already been said? It is awesome that basically every record was broken this year by our Broncos. What a pleasure the 2013 season has been. It's been mostly therapeutic compared to the heart attacks of the TT years. I prefer this much better. Bask in the glory while you still can. This is not the norm. Only Bronco fans can claim the fame.

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I'd like to congratulate our players that were voted into the Probowl. I think there were definite snubs on our team. I think the non-conferenced format this year really hurt our players. Most notably Knowhson Moreno. Frank Gore's numbers this year doesn't compare to Moreno's season as he was both a running and receiving threat. Some could even argue he had a more productive season than Adrian Peterson, finding paydirt more often and more total yards than both of these players. Outside of Peyton, I don't think there's a question of who's been the heart and soul of this offense. My bold prediction is Knowshon will be our MVP of the postseason.

DRC was also a stud all season long. He may have had a hiccup in Dallas but other than that, he's been quiet. So quiet at times that you don't even hear his name mentioned during games. I can't see Brandon Flowers and Alterraun Verner having better seasons. Especially after how the Broncos toasted both of these players consistently. Brandon Flowers doesn't even cover #1 receivers. The silver lining in this snub is it lowers his price tag going forward. Please sign the guy ASAP!

Night And Day

Montee Ball has really been surging of late. He's running like a high draft pick. You can see a significant difference between the beginning of the season to where he is now. He's running with confidence and doesn't look like he has to think. It's coming more naturally to him and it's showing in his production. He had a fumbling issue early in the year and now he's keeping the ball high and tight. He had issues catching the ball out of the backfield and now he's looking more sure handed and catching balls smoothly. Even hauling an acrobatic catch last week. His pass blocking has also been a major improvement, stonewalling blitzers. Gotta love his hard running and make the first man miss agility. Sure there were a lot of questions about this kid early in the year, but those naysayers have all but disappeared at this point. Good job keeping your nose to the grindstone and improving weekly on your craft. Loving his future potential with each week's progression.

Swarming D

I can't recall the last time our defense looked that dominant. The first half was just awe-inspiring. I think it was a mix of our defense really pulling together after the loss of Von and the ineptitude of the opponent. The Raiders pretty much packed it in by week 17 and our defense was hungry to get some respect. I was surprised to see Trevathan only credited with 5 total tackles because that kid was everywhere. Malik Jackson continued his steady improvement recording his 6th sack of the season. Sly Williams continued his streak of big plays for the 3rd week in a row. This time recovering a fumble. He was constantly putting pressure on the QB and looked great in run support. Assisting in shutting down one of the top running teams in the NFL. Robert Ayers was also a huge playmaker getting 8 pressures on the QB. Looks like he's back to form for when he had to fill in for a suspended Miller. Nate Irving is another that has had a resurgence. Since being relegated to special teams duties since Von's return, all we remember him for is jumping offsides on a momentum swinging punt by the Chargers. Not often are you noticed on ST unless you screw up. With Von out of the lineup, Irving has gotten more opportunities to flash. Coming up with a productive day recording a sack, 2 tackles for a loss and a hit on the QB and constantly being around the football. All is not lost without Von. We have great depth and others are there to pick up the slack. Great all around day for the defense. Sure I would have loved to shut them out, and expected more turnovers and sacks, but it wasn't necessary. Everyone saw in just 2 quarters how embarrassing this game was for the Raiders. Just 55 total yards in the first half and down 31. Game over.

Embarrassingly Unstoppable

It seemed like every play in the first half went for a first down. Actually there were 6 first down plays that went for first downs in the first half. Talk about disheartening to the defense. When Peyton goes 25/28 passing(1 drop) and 31 points in just 30 minutes, it's safe to say they were unstoppable. Even when the Raiders made a play for the ball, Peyton put it just an inch out of reach and right into our receiver's hands. A couple plays the defender made a break on the ball appearing like it would get intercepted only to see our receiver turn up field shortly after. Great job by our skill players along with our offensive line. The offense got their last audition in before the games really count. They look more ready than they'll ever be.


This is the first time we've gotten a chance to see the big question mark get extended playing time. With that time, Brock looked impressive going 9/13 and leading a scoring drive. Could possibly have lead more, but penalties hindered their progress. He still faced the starting defense of the Raiders for an entire half. Even improvising and flipping the ball to Hillman to avoid a sack to convert a 3rd down play. He took 2 sacks but he also worked through his progressions. The game didn't look too big for him. Fortunately, we are not stuck in a Curtis Painter situation. Never understood why Painter was so atrocious after sitting behind Peyton. Another sign that we have a competent front office. Of course we wouldn't want Oz to ever play, but he has shown us that he is steadily improving. I feel confident in our after-Manning years. Wish they wouldn't have gone so vanilla with Oz, but it was satisfying to see that he didn't make any mistakes.

Little Quick Notes:

  • Hillman finally got his chance again and did nothing with his shot. Always held out hope that the talk of him being a big play waiting to happen would eventually come to fruition. It just hasn't happened and it doesn't look like that's going to change.
  • Omar Bolden has yet to make a play on defense. All he's good at is getting an open shot at a QB and just totally whiffing.
  • Terrelle Pryor sucks.
  • Hey Charles Woodson, good choice choosing money over a shot at a ring. Enjoy your early vacation.
  • Chris Harris Jr's only setback is that there isn't a nickleback Probowl position.
  • Why do we end up playing in New England again next year? BS!
  • Not surprising that no one is owning up to the utter crap that Peyton couldn't throw deep and has lost his arm strength. MSM such a shame.
  • Is Janikowski trying to get cut by the Raiders? He's been awful this year.
  • Proud to say I am the MHR Fantasy Football #2 champion. Starting the season 0-3 and riding my team into to the championship. I had a great time playing.

For the second year in a row, the Broncos enter the postseason as the number 1 seed with a 13-3 record. Fortunately the team left week 17 with minimal injuries. The team is rolling and surging late in the season. They get a much needed week off as they try and heal the wounded. The road comes through Denver again this year and hopefully the defense steps up enough to get Peyton and this record breaking offense the ball. We'll need the lesser known defenders to step up and fill in for Von Miller. Looks like players are getting healthy at just the right time. Hopefully last year's early exit stays in the mind of our players and keeps them focused enough to avoid repeating last year's history. Stay focused Broncos and fans let's get rowdy for our team when we finally get back on the field. Go Broncos!

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