A Not So Useless Statistic

Hey Broncomaniacs! It's Friday morning and Sunday just can't seem to come quick enough. We've all heard some crazy statistical phenomenons this week and I figured I would drop some knowledge I read somewhere.

Teams that lost the previous season in the Divisional Round after having a bye week are an astounding 14-1 the following year in their opening playoff game! Rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, and certainly wind will not derail the focus and hunger our beloved Broncos have this postseason. Every possible thing that we needed to happen in the course of the regular season has been in the favor for us. Just for example how much better could our loss to the Chargers have ended up other than for Pats to lose and us to gain any extra motivation to beat the last team to beat us at home in the opening game. It's going down gang, and with the laser focus these guys have, I'm without a shadow of a doubt we not only win but cover the spread. By the time we get the opening kickoff after half we will be well on our way to running the wheels on the Monte Ball Train to the wheels fall off. I'm super excited and my optimism is at an all time high!

Welker + Champ - Webster = A different story

Did you know Rivers attempted 75% of his passes at Webster last game?

Did you know our 3rd down conversion percentage dropped from 49% to nearly 20% without Welker

Those two things alone are two very key and much underrated factors for both offense and defense in this game

LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

And remember gang a person's ABILITY is what they're capable of doing! Their MOTIVATION determines what they do! Their ATTITUDE determines how well they do it! These are 3 very important factors in competition and something I would say our team is #1.

NOT a team in the league with more ABILITY(talent)!

DOUBT there is a team with a bigger motivation than us after painful loss and missed opportunity last year and embarrassing loss 3 weeks ago.

CERTAINLY there is not a better team with a better ATTITUDE than ours!!!!!I

I want your score and player of the game predictions so we can reflect on this post after the game to see who has bragging rights to being the closest!!!!

Broncos 41 Chargers 23

Knowshon "Crocodile Tears" Moreno 17 rushes 100 yards 1 td and 7 receptions for 100 yds 1 td!!!!

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