Wile E. Quarterback

Okay, so Wile E Coyote is only making $50k per year but is actually in debt about three times that amount - say like, $150k in total debt. And yet, he continues to spend more money than he makes. Every. Single. Year. Where's he headed? That's right, if you guessed that he's headed straight down the path of financial security and responsibility... you Sir are an idiot. Please and kindly GTFO of my class.

Ya, we'll get to football in a minute, but first: Why does Mr. Coyote - in his career as a licensed dipshit at the Acme Corporation - continue to spend more money than he makes every year, even while he's already in debt three times more than his annual income? Well that, my peeps, is because he's a dipshit. And a cartoon character. Any more questions?

The US Government is roughly 17 Trillion Dollars in debt. Annual revenue is somewhere in the galaxy of 5.9 Trillion this year, while expenses will be around 6.5 Trillion. See any similarities? Spending more than they make, all while in debt roughly three times annual income. Further into the hole we go. But don't get all political on me bruh; It happens every single year no matter who's in office. I do not care, nor do I want to hear, any of your thoughts on politics or the national deficit here at the dinner table. And you can forget about the Road Runner up there as well, as he was only sent here to give you context and a better understanding of just how out of whack the government's spending is. I find that it's sometimes more fun to analyze the spending habits of a cartoon character rather than the government. Sue me.

Was that confusing? Yes, the coyote is dead already. Fell off a cliff. Just know that his spending is roughly on par with that of the US Government, and that it's a nutjob approach that would have you and I filing Chapter 11. While living in a cardboard box, begging on the streets for food and whiskey, maybe even selling our bodies for crack. That's right. You developed a bad drug habit once you started hanging with bums by the trash-fire. What you want from me? You dug your own hole.

You're probably asking yourselves, Rodney.. wtf does this have to do with football? Decisions, my friends. It's about making tough decisions. Weighing the future over the present even while knowing it's going to hurt your current state.

The governors we hire to govern the country want to get reelected. It's popular to say they'll balance the budget and get us on the right track, but they won't actually do it because it would hurt the country's current state and there would be backlash from it.

The Denver Broncos aren't an organization run so poorly as the US Government, though. Not even close. Our leader doesn't need to fear getting reelected. His name is John Elway, and he has no such fear of what you or I are going to tell him if he seemingly wastes a current resource in order to fix a future problem. Thusly, he will have the balls to spend one of our precious resources on what he feels is best for our future, even while knowing that a lot of you might bitch and moan about it in the mean time.

Remember back in 2012 when the Broncos selected Brock Osweiler with a premium draft pick - right after the team had added the man, the myth, the legend; Mr. Peyton F. Manning? Probably a third of Broncos Country had their panties all tied up in a knot, and even more yet simply stated the obvious: If you want to "win now", then that draft pick could have been put to better use.

Sure, maybe. But John Elway doesn't want to "win now"; he wants to win forever. He understands what others truly don't. It's easy to say the government needs to spend less than it takes in, or that no team can truly compete in the National Football League without a franchise quarterback... but how many of us really understand the sacrifice it takes in order to build that brighter future? And how many of us are actually willing to make that sacrifice today for the sake of tomorrow? My friends, in case you haven't caught on yet, I'm not just talking about the past decision of Brock Osweiler. I'm talking about preparing for the idea that yet another quarterback in this year's draft is a distinct possibility.

Now, if that day comes, half the fans are going to openly rally against the decision. Whether the Broncos win or lose come February, most fans will then want to see every resource at management's disposal spent in areas that help the team immediately. The window is short, they'll say. Others will chime in that it means 2012's decision to draft Brock was a bust, and that had it been spent elsewhere, the Broncos may have in fact gotten past the Ravens that year. Elway don't care, though. Hindsight. Whatnot. And stuff.

You want the government out of debt? You want a franchise quarterback for the future? Well tighten your belts and get ready to sacrifice in the now. That better future you seek doesn't come cheap and it doesn't come easy. The reality is that Franchise Quarterbacks don't grow on trees. If a team finds itself in position where it doesn't have one ready to step in once the last one retires, the problem greatly compounds itself, because it then finds itself in full-blown crisis management mode. All the sudden the price paid for your new quarterback becomes no less than a first-round pick - often times high in the round, often times requiring more than one pick to get there. Then that quarterback is forced to play before he's ready. The move fails more often than it succeeds, and even if it works, the youngster is cutting his teeth and taking his lessons on the battle field rather than on the practice field. You're more likely to land on the moon than to land a Lombardi in those first few years with a puppy who's still raw. More often than that, however, it's simply a failure all together. And with that often comes coaching changes, management changes, and then the new regime drafts their own quarterback while cutting losses with the old quarterback. Rinse and repeat. Blood will be spilled. Cartoon blood, maybe. But blood nonetheless.

Right now we still have time to develop a guy the right way, and we still have to time to have gotten it wrong. When you rinse and repeat in this scenario, all it cost you was a draft pick rather than a stock pile of losses and mediocre seasons. A failure here doesn't cost regime change and it doesn't cost you a season or a stock pile of money and draft resources. But make no mistake, there is no bigger failure, and no bigger price to pay, than that which comes with failing to have procured a new franchise quarterback before the old one retires. Catastrophic, era-altering. Bad. Freaking. News.

Someday we'll all look back on this second era of Elway, and two things will stand above all else: (a) Did he bring us another ring, and (b) did we have to once again suffer through a decade of mediocrity afterwards. The records we've recently attained are only wrapping paper, but they mean nothing at all if there are no presents inside. We all think of Elway and his decisions fondly right now, and maybe that will never change. But his legacy, or lack thereof, is still very much being written. John Elway the GM is beloved in Broncos Country for two reasons: The bold decisions he's made, and the fact that he always gets his man. That's why you shouldn't be surprised once he starts looking at quarterbacks yet again.

I don't believe John Elway is going to wait to be sure we need a new quarterback before deciding to draft one; I believe instead that he'll keep drafting one until he's sure that we don't need one. I call it the Elway Doctrine. It's sort of like deciding to stop playing in traffic before getting hit by a bus.

Now that's not to say we will draft another quarterback this year. I mean, not even John knows that. Not yet. I was merely sent here to warn you that he will be looking, and that if he finds a guy he likes, he's going to pull the trigger without giving a second thought about what you and everyone else might say about it. That's what good leaders do. They make the hard rights instead of the easy wrongs, and they have broad shoulders to carry all the burden and the bird shit that plops down on them from the peanut gallery.

If that day comes, will you follow him? Will you support his quest to make the future brighter for your children, and your children's children? Or will you stomp your feet and cry about how the decision hurt your current state... silently wishing Wile Coyote was your leader, all while angry about the idea that the Broncos don't act more like the US government? You know the right road to take here... but are you willing to make that sacrifice? Broncos on three!!!! Beep, beep.

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