Divisional Playoff No Bull Review

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I'm so primed after that playoff win I just gotsta get me some FanPost action. This was a very fun game to watch until the 4th quarter. Then it was really starting to damage my calm. I will say that I'm excited to see some progress from our coaches at least on one side of the ball, but more on that later.

San Diego...I'm sorry but until you get rid of that cry-baby whining little punk of a quarterback who throws hissy-fits on the football field I have nothing for you other than this: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love watching Phillys lose...especially after he talks so much garbage on our fans and our stadium. He's that jock bully punk from high school who is tough shizzle with his team around him, but eventually he gets his nose punched by one of the geeks and he starts crying to the faculty and gets has his mom get involved (this is just my take of him based on what I see on the field...I don't know him, though I hear he's a good christian guy who kisses babies and is the coolest dude ever off of the field).

Let's dig in my brothas and sistas!


The Sheriff is Back

I was pretty darn worried about Peyton Manning coming into this game because of the wind. My fear was that it would take away too much of the field and cause us to get some picks. Shame on me. Peyton, you are a wizard at QB and I won't doubt you ever again.

  • His INT was just an awful throw though. I know it is a timing route thing, but there were not one, not two, but three defenders there. THREE DEFENDERS! That FG is too precious to give up so easily cause you think you can fit it in there.
  • To contrast that a bit his pass to Julius Thomas on 3rd and 17 was cash money. H/T to Adam Gase for that was perfect.
  • After the 4th quarter I found myself kinda forgetting how good his execution of our two TDs were. Those were both plays that required precise ball placement and Manning made the catches very easy for his targets both times.

I Have Two Guns, One For Each Of Ya

I have a lot of heroes on this year's team, but Knowshon Moreno is starting to get ahead of the pack. That dude's running in this game brought tears to my eyes. Also Montee Ball is really growing on me in a big way. He's running more and more like Knowshon, which is to say like a BA NFL RB.

  • Let's start this by giving some props to the big uglies up front. Louis Vasquez, Manny Ramirez, Orlando Franklin, Zane Beadles, and Chris Clark were mauling San Diego for the vast majority of the game. I love seeing good line-work and having backs that can take advantage of it and make good reads.
  • Don't get too caught up in comparing rush averages and saying nonsense like Ball should start...Knowshon was the guy they relied on to pick up some short gains for first downs.
  • That being said, I'm excited to see what Montee does next year...I think another off-season and some conditioning will do wonders for his game now that it has slowed down for him.
  • I'll take Knowshon over Adrian Peterson or Lesean McCoy all day and twice on Sundays...want to know why? Knowshon pass protects like he loves it and makes blitzers cry. Also of those three who is in the playoffs and who is at home eating popcorn while meaningful football is being played?

Three Blind Mice

While our offense straight-up earned that win let's also give some of them the lumps they deserve for the playoff derps we bore witness to.

  • Julius Thomas how the heck do you drop that ball?
  • Wes Welker how the heck do you drop that ball that was thrown right into your numbers perfectly?
  • Andre Caldwell how the heck do you drop that ball?
  • Note for our WRs: it is playoff time. Earn your paycheck and catch the easy ones. Catch the hard ones too, but for the love of all that is holy please catch the easy ones...Giselle may not chime in for Peyton, but just so you know, Peyton can't catch the flipping balls for you too.

Superstar Hot Rod

Let me give Julius Thomas his own section for a second...cause he was a big BIG reason we were able to keep the ball out of SD's possession at the end of the game. Dude really impressed my by shaking off some pretty crappy play early in the game and making some very big catches when we needed them. Keep it up man. You are a stud TE.


Trench Warefare

I kinda got the feeling that our front seven got called out on some pretty crappy run defense from week 15 and took it personal. Those cats were beating SD's line like a bunch of red-headed step-children. Not only that, but the line did a stellar job of pass rushing until they got tuckered out in the 4th.

  • Shaun Phillips has to best pound-for-pound / dollar-for-play defensive end in the NFL. He got to show up in a very big way against his old team and I loved seeing him sling Rivers to the ground by the jersey like a sack of ice that needed broken up.
  • Malik Jackson is another young guy that is really starting to come into his own. He had a very nice sack (almost 2) and was consistently owning his edge.
  • And what do we have here? Jeremy Mincey getting him some action too...sacks, hits, TFL, and a partridge in a pear tree. With Derek Wolfe missing so much time I loved the signing at the end of the season and John Elway again shows us how good GMs handle business.
  • Nate Irving is no Von Miller, but he sure is holding down the spot and showing us what a great run defending linebacker looks like. This kid could start on a lot of teams in my opinion based off the work we've seen from him this season.
  • Make no mistake, Terrance Knighton is the heart and soul of our defensive front. The dude is a massive player who moves much too fast for his size. He collapses pockets, he two gaps like a boss, and he eats 5' nothing RBs for breakfast.

Trouble in Paradise

For three solid quarters I wept tears of pure joy seeing our defense trot out and completely handle every facet of San Diego's offense. Our secondary wasn't really being called on a ton, but they were handling their part up until one of the biggest key pieces of our defense went out of the game.

  • Chris Harris is a joy to watch play football. The kid has disgusting skills and is needs to stay a Bronco for a very long time. When he went down it was no coincidence that Rivers started making plays left and right...a main cog of our defense went down.
  • Speaking of that...when you take a main cog of a unit out and replace it with a cog made of our used-up thrashed mushy bamboo you get in trouble fast. Meet one Quentin Jammer. This dude needs to chew bench the rest of the season and then retire because I'm pretty sure my daughter could have played up to the level he did in this game. His technique was lackadaisical as was his attention to his assignments for the most part. He looked old, slow, and completely over-matched...and that was against Eddie Royal. Don't ask me how he looked against Keenan Allen.
  • Based off my limited views of our guys (games only, no practice) I play Kayvon Webster next week over Jammer and I have Tony Carter ready to go in case Webster looks bad (I don't think he will...people talk a bunch about Rivers picking on him and yes, that happened, but Kayvon was in position on most of those plays but was beat by perfect throws).
  • Thank the Lord Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was healthy cause otherwise we would have bled points even worse. He gave up an ugly 3rd down conversion, but he more than made up for it over the game with disgustingly good coverage.
  • I loved seeing Champ Bailey on the field and being used in a way that benefits our team the most (and his healthy in all likelihood). I was bummed he didn't get more plays, but the encouraging thing is that he is healthy and ready for more action. We will need him next week.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

  • I'm not a big fan of Matt Prater, but even I won't dog him on his miss...that wind was awful and going sideways. It makes an already difficult kick and ups the difficulty exponentially.
  • Eric Decker stop flipping tripping yourself! You did realize that this is your contract year and if I'm a GM and you want to sign with my team, I'm paying you less because of all these derp plays...see also your diving fail that gave SD the onside kick (Hint: You don't win games with style points by leaping through the air and giving the other team the ball).
  • It is a crying shame that Trindon Holliday lost another TD run because of a lame penalty.
  • Speaking of which yet another guy I don't expect back next year: Omar Bolden.
  • I think highly of Jack Del Rio or did until this season. He has shown several times this year the inability to adjust personnel or play calling to protect a poorly playing backup in game. He consistently makes the whole team go to soft zone calls (which we kind of suck at if you didn't notice), and keeps leaving guys in bad positions without help until they've cost us at least two scores. I believe this calls for a rectal-cranial-extraction yesterday.
  • To contrast that criticism of our coaching staff, I just moved John Fox up a notch on my coaching scale. Last year he lost a game by being dumb, conservative, and playing not to lose. This year he was smart, aggressive, and played to put our collective boot down on the opponent's throat. I loved it. Don't back off it one bit Foxy.

AFC Championship Thoughts

  • Unless the refs bail out the patsies, we are 75% likely to beat them even without Chris Harris.
  • If our defense plays the run like they did this week, NE will not have good success against us like they have in the past.
  • Tom Brady will have a field day on Jammer if he is on the field.
  • Peyton Manning should have a field day with New England's defense (again, unless the refs do what they did earlier this year and let NE's secondary get away with illegal contact and pass interference on practically every passing play...go rewatch the 3rd quarter of that game and try to argue this).
  • Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball are probably going to have just as impressive of a game against the patsies.

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