The Patriot Way - **** THAT!



All week long I’ve tried to keep the pulse of the team through the media and various fan run sites and all week long it has been the same narrative:

"How are the Broncos going to match up with the tough, gritty, talented and extremely well coached Patriots? How in the world are the Broncos going to get past these guys? I can only imagine the genius that Belicheck will deploy Sunday to stifle the stooge-like coaching staff of the lowly Denver Broncos. Oh and if the Broncos do get past the Patriots – It’s because the poor Patriots have been absolutely decimated by injuries AND… they were only here on house money AND… it is such a testament to the genius of Belicheck and Brady that they have been to do so much with so little."

I’ll be the first to admit that before this morning I was convinced they were all right and we had no chance.. Deep down.

**** that. I’m done with it.

To be honest I’m embarrassed that we have all been fed to believe this narrative including Denver’s own local media. Say what you want about how your bravado has never wavered and that you never listen to those hacks and how you think for yourself. The truth is behind all of the chest beating and "woot woots" that everyone has been typing, they have all felt that narrative ringing true deep down.

I’m here to tell you that it’s all bull ****.

The Patriots are the kid that got a lucky swing on the play ground bully and have won every fight since based on that reputation alone. "There’s just something about the Patriots, something about this team a certain mystique…" It’s all bull ****.

Here’s the truth: The Broncos have been beating the Patriots all ****ing season long. Breaking every record they mustered when they were at their absolute best. Now were supposed to believe they are going to go blow for blow with us with all things equal? **** that.

We are the better team. Our coaching staff has already proven to be more successful than ANYTHING the masterful belicheck/McDaniels/Brady conglomerate has put together.

**** the mystique. **** the Patriots. One lucky swing doesn’t mean ****.

Go Broncos. (mic drop)



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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