Hawk to me.

Just returning the favor. The super bowl this year looks particularly exciting, as the Bronco's offense owns multiple all time records while the 'Hawks pass D has been historically good all season long. It's the unstoppable force against the immovable object, with the championship of the world on the line!

Since I have a word count to hit, let's review the team.

Seattle generally plays either Cover 3, or Man-Free on defense. Our best player against the run is probably NT Brandon Mebane. MLB Bobby Wagner is the one who makes most of the tackles, but if you watch his highlight reel, it features an awful lot of 'Bane destroying double teams and forcing the RB to make an unfortunate cut.

Our secondary is well known for their physical play. Cries of holding are (for the most part) exaggerated, although not entirely without merit. Our DBs are coached to stay on top, conceding shorter routes in order to take away the deep pass. Having Earl Thomas in deep center field greatly helps in that regard as the 1st team All-Pro is a generational talent with obscene range. That's not to say the underneath stuff comes easy or cheap. Just ask Welker!


Offensively, the Seahawks are a run first team. We have a hybrid Zone-Power scheme that's (to the best of my knowledge) unique to Seattle. Recently we've had success using Rookie UDFA Alvin Bailey as a 6th O lineman to put a bit of extra beef on the field when trying to pound it into 8 and 9 man boxes... which we will do all game long.

Seattle's passing game uses play action to get 1 on 1 matchups down the field. The aim is to get big chunks of yardage, rather than to make the chain moving underneath throws. Second year man Doug Baldwin is the player to watch, hauling in an obscene 70% of his targets, with over 1/5th of them going for 20+ yards. Baldwin wil be the nominal #3 this week behind Percy Harvin and Golden Tate, but is someone the Broncos need to pay attention to.

Seattle's passing attack is extremely low volume, and it's reasonable to expect the Broncos will allow less than 225 yards. Recent historyshows that since week 15 Wilson has passed for 215 against SF, 103 against the Saints, 172 vs StL and 206 against NYG. The Seahawks won all 4 of those games, two of them in blowout fashion.

Personally, I'm very excited for this game, and think it will become an instant classic. How often do you get a historically good offense, matched up against a historically good D?

The one thing that I do ask is that you keep the discussion more or less on topic. There are plenty of OTHER forums for you to say whatever you like about Richard Sherman's post game rant, Carrol's USC tenure, PEDS etc. Trolls from a certain NFCW rival's blog have derailed the last few times we've tried to do this, so let's keep things civil and hope they leave us alone now that they're not in the playoffs anymore.

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