Its been a while for me, but what the heck, now is better than never. I suppose most are excited this now we are living than the now we lived last year. If you're still depressed about what happened last year--I guess so am I--but I'm getting over it.

Most of you have no idea who I am...and I don't blame you....I've tried to figure out myself for years...and failed. The one thing I know is I have been a Bronco fan longer than a lot of people live. I have loved this team since 1962 when NBC decided to pick up the old AFL. My childhood favorite was Austin Gonsoulin, who should be in the Hall, and maybe has a chance now that Little made it in. I hope the Hall writers take a look at some of the original AFL players and give them a special chance.

I thought about bringing, 'La-La-Land' into this post....but I've been gone so long that I doubt anyone remembers what 'La-La-Land' is...or was...or what it was supposed to be.

Well, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should explain 'La-La-Land.' The land is 'La-La-Land-of-Pre-Season-Feel-Goods'. It was meant for that time when nothing has happened and everything can still be what you dream to be. This cannot be a 'La-La-Land' (but because I am me) I need to post something....that has a good feeling.

I remember the first four losses but I remember some good from most of them. I remember making that first Super Bowl and the feeling I had, this only 'PRO' team (in the Rockies) making it to the big game. I remember the next. I remember a headline reading, "Adonis vs Phill who?" Great first half...the rest I can't forget....but wish to. The next was a great first play and first quarter....what happened that second quarter is like this bad dream that I can't forget. The next loss..............................damn SF. I was hoping San Fran would win just for revenge.

I remember almost giving up hope, when suddenly we had Shanny. You may not like him but he did bring in Eddie Mac and draft TD. Things began to change...we were out-of-nowhere...a good team again. What a bummer that first playoff loss to the Jags.

I remember the revenge tour.....................We Made It !!!

I remember everyone telling our team we didn't have a chance. I remember TD getting a headache, a very bad headache, and getting ready for what I'd always seen. Then I remember TD coming back. I remember TD running amok..........around and between Green Bays great defense I remember having hope. I remember being at a bar where I started out as the only Denver fan. I watched as a person went into the restroom and remove the green and yellow off his face.......I watched him become a Bronco Fan! I watched the crowd getting excited...I was one of them. I watched the people in the bar getting excited....I was beyond them. There was a critical would have made a great difference...I remember. This old QB that used to be fast,he was not supposed to do this anymore, takes off and dives headfirst (gets spun like a helicopter) and keeps the drive alive...I remember!!! "This one's for John!!!!!" I remember. #7...belongs to is retired.

I remember the next year...what a year...what a year!! We got what we wanted...another Super Bowl win...but then what? Then what?

Jump forward to now. Let's leave the Shanny firing, the creep Hiring, the Tebow thing, and look at now.

Last year left an ache in my gut as I'm sure it did your's. This year your hearts should be light...very light. If you had told me, at the beginning of the year, that we would not have Ryan Clady after the second game, Vickerson lost a short time later, and Von Miller after just getting back......where would you think we would be? Let me change thoughts.

Its easy to love Manning, our almost unbelievable receiving group, and the way Moreno grew up....but how much do you love the way our defense played the last two games? How is this so? Yet it has happened....our defense is very real and looking very good.

I so know that we are going to win this Super Bowl !!!

I so have this confident feeling...that I almost don't understand . I so love what Elway has done for this team! I so love what Manning has brought to this team!! I so love coach Fox...what an example of class!! I so love that Champ is back, going to a Super Bowl, and looking good!!!

I so love this team!!!

I know most at this site have no idea who I am.. I am simply an old Bronco fan. I simply have this to say.

No Contest!!!


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