4 Keys to Bringing the Lombardi Trophy Back to Denver

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of talk lately about the number one offense going up against the number one defense. My gut reaction all year has always been this: it's not going to be a great defense that beats the Broncos, but a great offense. Yes, Seattle's offense has some playmakers (Lynch obviously and I really do think Harvin can be a sleeper, but that's a whole other post). I just don't think they have what it takes to put enough points on the board to beat us. There's no denying that Seattle has a great defense, but if we stick to our guns and can take care of the four keys below, we will win this game.

Key #1: Play Physical on the Outside

The fact is Seattle's D will hold, they will get there a bit early, and they will get away with a lot of calls. Despite what the league tries to tell you, refs don't call things as tight in the postseason. Anyone can see that. The question is, when this happens will Decker, Thomas, and Welker throw their hands up in the air, complain, and let things get to their head? Or will they push right back, play physical, and burn that secondary deep to make them pay for playing so close?

I've thought several times throughout the season that our receivers simply aren't playing up to their size. Sometimes you have to stop trying to be fancy and simply beat your guy.

Key #2: Run Game

Yes, I know it's going to be tough to get a running game going against these guys. I'm not looking for a breakout day from our RB's (I foresee a RB by committee approach in this game similar to what we've seen all year, maybe more so due to the weather) but rather good solid runs on first or second down. Get me three yards there, four yards here, for a nice manageable third down. If we get stuck in 3rd and long all the time, Manning will eventually get hit and we will struggle. However, if the running games does just enough to keep Seattle honest and give us options on the money maker down, we will come out on top.

Key #3: Hold them to FG's

I think Wilson will get some chuck yardage on runs every now and then. Lynch will have some decent production. They will move the ball. But if we play bend but don't break style D and can hold them to three points when they get in the redzone, that will be huge. Fields goals won't beat Manning and Co., number one D or not. If they get in the redzone, I say we play tight man to man coverage with some bigger personnel in to stop the run. Make Wilson beat us with pin point accuracy. I'll take my chances there, especially in the redzone where the field shrinks.

Key #4: Stay the Course, Foxy!

Finally, I implore Foxy and staff to stay the course. Keep doing what you've been doing to get us here, don't try and outsmart yourself. Above all, DO NOT get conservative. I think they've learned their lesson there. This game might just come down to the adjustments made at half time. Our coaching staff has done this well all year. Now we just need it one more time.

Let's do what we do best, play Broncos football, and bring the Lombardi trophy back to Denver where it belongs!

What do you think Bronco country? What are your keys?

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