Media day you're at the podium? Questions Revisited.

Answer these questions, How you became a Broncos fan?, Why is your screename what it is?, Then tell me your strongest Broncos memory?

My Fandom Story

Ok here is my story I was raised outside of Cleveland but moved around a lot. Many different states, at 10 years old we moved to NJ just outside Philadelphia. My father's wisdom attempted to keep me from becoming an Eagles fan, by having my Grandmother order me a complete Browns bedroom set, sheets, lamps, clock radio, pennants, posters the works. Grandmother checks Broncos instead of Browns, in the days before internet, this was all non returnable. So here it is 1982 my room is filled with Broncos team merchandise I have no geographical, history, or family ties to the Broncos the next year they trade for the greatest player ever. So, dumb luck driven, then player cemented, I became a Broncos fan, 31 years 7 states later I still cheer for the Broncos no matter where I am. Thank goodness I now live in Tampa and the Buccaneers apathy makes cheering for the Broncos easy.


My first name is Murray my niece had leukimia and lost all her hair at 4 years old. So I shaved my head to match. Then as her leukemia went into remission her hair started coming back. I told her I would grow both my beard and my hair for 3 years with out cutting it, then donate it to locks of love. 1 year in she said i looked like a werewolf and Murrwolf was born. She is now 21 and we still greet each other and say goodbye by howling at the moon.

P.S. she is now getting married three weeks after the Superbowl

My most memorable Bronco story.

It is 2005 after two years of getting thumped in the playoffs our Broncos are on their way to a 13 and 3 record and another playoff berth. I am working with my Father, he is the Senior Pastor in a small NJ church just across the bridge from Wilmington DE, I am his youth Pastor and Director of children education. The Eagles are running a promotion to win a trip to the superbowl. The season is ending and the playoff matchups are set, a little widow lady in our church wins the Eagle/Grocery store promotion and gives it to me and my father. The Steelers pull the upset, dreams of the ultimate trip dance in my head. Then the unthinkable happens Plummer crashes to earth, the Broncos lose The AFÇC at home and thanks to a stupid bet I have to wear a Bettis jersey at the Superbowl....ughhh. Yes I cried at the three Superbowl loses during the Eighties, yelled and jumped for joy at the Back to Back Champs, but my strongest memory is 2005 heartache. OK Peyton and the Boys need to erase that and give us another reason to shout from the rooftops.

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