This Is FoxBall Time On The DL

HC Fox has always been on the Defensive side of the ball…as a Player & Coach. If you look at both his & Del Rio’s Defenses as HCs, you will see a familiar pattern. They put some big, albeit talented, butts in the middle, get some versatile DEs who can both rush & maintain outside contain, & can play multiple positions. Their LBs are generally smaller but very quick with good game speed, sure tacklers and disciplined in their gap assignments…The Broncos are just a replica of what these 2 Coaches have done over the years and both have had very good success with their respective Defenses.

Are the Broncos a 'Physical Team'? "... Each of the last two offseasons, Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan have gone to about one third of the training camps in the NFL on behalf of Sirius/XM NFL Radio, and in each tour, they said that the Broncos held the most physical practice they saw each year. Remember, Kirwan is best friends with Pete Carroll, so those comparative statements have included the supposedly more physical Seahawks..."...Link

Point being here is that this Broncos' DL was designed, whether through the draft or FA to stop the run & stop the run they have throughout most of the Season & esp. in Post-Season.

Those who claim to be 'experts' on all things Football, thought SD & NE would be able to run all over the 'depleted' Denver DL...They forgot to watch the preceding games and there is simply no excuse for them making the same claim in the Post-Season concerning NE after we had dispatched the Bolts, yet they, the 'experts' thought that NE could run against the Broncos.

They Don't Know FOXBALL...Put the talented JUMBO-HEAVIES in the middle, surround them with multi-talented Players on the edge, put some game speed & sure tacklin' LBs behind them & you have a recipe for success against the run...That's FoxBall...That's Del Rio...That's The Broncos & That's What They Do!

We will get after Lynch just as we have every other RB & we will make the Seahawks a one-dimensional Team, just as we have throughout the Season, because the Broncos will Play FOXBALL!

HC Fox & DC Del Rio built this Defense to 'Stop The Run-Control The LOS' This We Will Do...This is FOXBALL at it's BEST!

We heard & read of the loss of key players to teams such as the Pats..Mayo, Wilfork etc, but no Team has lost what we have in terms of Starters: Wolfe, Miller, Moore, Harris, Champ for most of season, & Big Vick. The list is long and would have crippled lesser Teams. The Broncos are resilient & they Play FOXBALL!

Props to JFE for bringing in Mincey late season; HC Fox & DC Del Rio for being able to put together a Defense without the key Players & getting to the SB. BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE PLAYERS FOR BELIEVING IN FOXBALL!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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