Super Bowl 48 Six Pack: Denver Broncos Talk Winning; Need To Think Football Instead

Jeff Zelevansky

I've heard multiple Broncos players mention its all about winning this next game and hoisting the trophy, but that's too easy a trap to fall into. I'd rather hear these guys talk about playing football, because that's really what will lead you to victory.
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1. Keeping Eric Decker Top Priority

This is something I've been wanting to see from the start of this season. Many fans seemed to be okay with losing Eric Decker to free agency, but I completely disagree with that sentiment. The Denver Broncos have the greatest offense in NFL History, so why on God's green Earth would John Elway want to break that up?

2014 would be year three with Peyton Manning ... imagine how good this offense will be, considering how historic they have been this season? I get giddy just thinking about it! So yeah, re-signing Eric Decker needs to happen immediately.

2. Politicians Are Idiots (Sort of)

I caught wind of United States Senator, Patty Murray, of the great state of Washington talking smack on Twitter about how much cooler Super Fan Seahulk is compared to the Barrel Man, Tim McKernan. Apparently, the social media manager of this fine Senator was too dumb to make sure revered Barrel Man was still alive to defend himself.

Tim's wife posted this story on Facebook and after reading it I certainly felt it warranted our own shout out blasting Patty Murray for pretending to be a football fan and for insulting the greatest Bronco fan to have ever lived.

Fortunately, the author of this story is also a Broncos fan and awarded Senator Murray with "Dick Move of the Week" award. That made me very happy. Senator Murray probably fired the social media manager (which is what we do these days when we get embarrassed) and tweeted out an apology for being a jackass.

3. Cheap Super Bowl Tickets?

Don't choke on your coffee, that headline is NOT meant to startle. Being a person who would never in a million years drop a couple grand on a three hour event, I couldn't imagine people spending that kind of cash. I guess if its some sort of status symbol then okay, but if I were to go - well, I'd wait until the Friday before the Super Bowl to nab my tickets!

The average ticket price apparently drops about 25% by then and even more if you want to risk a game day purchase, but I would imagine by then most of the tickets are gone.

Even so, $2,000 for nosebleeds? Pass! I'll take my 45" HD TV!

4. Building A Super "Bowl" Venue

MetLife Stadium was built with the Super Bowl in mind and a company called Skanska tackled the task of constructing this world class stadium - it's third such stadium contract - back in 2010. The 85,000 seat venue has some of the most state of the art facilities available and Skanska created this awesome infographic to display just how much actually goes into constructing one of these behemoths.

5. Mayweather Has Too Much Money

Floyd Mayweather, the all-world boxer, reportedly dropped $10,400,000 on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl. Two thoughts; first, this guy has way too much money and second, its no wonder pro athlete's go broke.

6. Historic, A Graphical Representation

Extra Points

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