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Doug Pensinger

Good morning MHR! At the end of a spectacular regular season, we are here to bring you our user awards! These will recognize folks in a variety of categories ranging from Most Fan Posts to Most Fan Shots to Most Comments. With this new year upon us, I just wanted to take the time to thank the entire Mile High Report Community for helping to make this place the #1 Broncos Blog on the internet in 2013. We will continue to bring us the very best Denver Broncos coverage around! On behalf of Kyle and the rest of us here - THANK YOU!!!

Most Fan Posts


Fan Posts











Rodney Adams




Mitz Sumilang






We have quite a distinguished group here! Each one of these folks brings something unique to the community. Metalman tore it up this past spring with his exhaustive studies of the NFL draft. DE brought us weekly breakdowns of our 3rd down defense. Sadaraine and Mitz Sumilang brought you excellent post game coverage with their wildly popular "No Bull Reviews" and "Random Rants and Rewards" series. Calikula our emperor was here during the offseason to give us a place to mingle and chat. Ever Vigilant, a fan who goes back to the days of the "Orange Crush" writes on a variety of subjects is here to keep you thinking. broncomack's latest post detailed his experience watching a Bronco game live in Oakland. Mdierk has been writing on the importance of each game in our quest for a Super Bowl. Skipping over Willy for a moment (I'll mention him later), we have my brother in orange in blue Rodney, I'll also talk about Rodney a little bit later.

Most Fan Shots


Fan Shots



Jon Heath


Bronco Mike










Ian Henson






Fanshots are very much underrated. These are ways to get quick info out there. Whether it be links to Broncos articles and sites on the web, Broncos news, or anything else, these help people keep up with current news and trends. If you find something interesting that is Broncos related on the internet, but don't have time or enough substance to write a post? Fanshot it!

The first three guys are all staffers. We use the fanshots as a way to get information out there quick. The king of the fanshot has to be our very own Jon Heath who has managed to post fanshots that get 100's of comments. Way to promote dialogue within the community Jon!

Some other things we see are posts from broncoplanet and broncosfanforlife (BFFL). The first one is another Broncos site run by Shadd, where former MHR writer KaptainKirk now calls home, that covers the Broncos and releases a weekly recap video on youtube. These gentlemen also are very rooted in the history of the Denver Broncos and are tied very closely to former Broncos Alumni.

If you're a Broncos blogger out there and you want to share your work with the community, make a fanshot and link back to it. Member BFFL, also known by his real name as "Luc" is a staff writer over at Pro Football Spot. He and fellow blogger Chad Jensen cover the Broncos for PFS and do a fantastic job. In fact before anyone thought it was important to analyze Broncos touchdowns through film study posts this season, Luc was the one to dedicate himself to it writing a post on each and every Broncos touchdown.

Use the fanshots section, they are more valuable then you may realize!

Most Comments





The new Bradfather


Rodney Adams






Bronco Mike










WillBFree is our most prolific commenter here on MHR. Willy is always here to chat about the Broncos, offer his take on things, and even encourage the front page staff on our work. Willy's presence is a testament to all the great members here at MHR who come together to create the best dialogue and debate with their deep knowledge of the Broncos and the game of football.

Everyone knows Rodney. Well, if you've even been in a debate with him you know him, he's impossible to forget. I have never interacted with someone so egoistic, hard-nosed, persistent, and relentless as Rodney. It's like trying to have a conversation with myself;) All kidding aside I have learned more about the Denver Broncos in the past year through my interactions with Rodney than anyplace else. If you want a good pulse on what is going on with the Broncos, or even just a slightly less mainstream view or opinion, Rodney is the man to listen to.

My brother Sadaraine is another long standing member of MHR who brings a unique no bull approach to his thoughts and debates. If you want to cut out the bs and get right down to the issue, he is the one to chat with. Same thing with McGeorge. McG will knock on your door, pop you in the mouth, and sit down on your couch while drinking your beer. There is no nonsense here with either of them and you best bring your "A" game in a discussion.

Brad my man. He's the king of beautiful women pictures, and funny photos for all occasions. I think Brad is too hard on himself. I relish the day when Brad lets loose and tells someone to go @#$% themselves without any guilt whatsoever afterwards. On that day, Bronco Mike will not remove the comment, no matter how much you flag it!

Who could forget our happily and newly married brother Calikula? The creator of the Imperial Weekend Thread and great all around dude to talk football, or even life with, Cali has helped bring our community together and get us to know each other better.

Ozark, you have a fantastic memory. I love how you have brought a softer tone to MHR while maintaining the integrity of information. And thank you for all the fantastic pictures you post, especially when trolls come around these parts.

I spoke about Luc before, but BFFL is quite possibly one of the most level-headed and professional users/journalists out there. I do not think I have ever seen him print a foul word about anyone. He sets an example for all of us fans at heart who find ourselves writing about the team we love.

RMW91 is known best for his glass half empty approach to commenting. If you're having a good day, chances are RMW91 will put a downer on it! I welcome it though. Sometimes there's too much damn kool-aid flowing around here. Nothing wrong with some good high-quality H20 once in a while!

MHR's Best Ambassador


j-man is the absolute best user at spreading goodwill amongst other SBNation sites. He posts on every teams website where we are playing that week, and just generally likes to hang out and talk football regardless. His love the Broncos never allows him to speak a bad word or take a dig at any user or team. He is welcomed by all, and is infinitely patient when folks don't realize he has cerebral palsy which makes it difficult to control his motor skills and type. Thank you for being such a good ambassador for MHR j-man!

Thank you!

Whether you're a reader, a commenter, a contributer, or a staff writer, we are all part of the same community. I comment quite a bit when compared to other staff writers and there's a reason for that. I started off as a lurker who just liked to read the site and the debates. I cut my teeth talking Broncos and learning from everyone else and now I write about the team I grew up loving. It doesn't matter what level you participate on, reader, commenter, writer, staff. We are all part of the same community and each of us makes Mile High Report the very best.

Thank you all for your participation and hard work! Continue to make this the best place to be for a Broncos fan!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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