Vasquez, Phillips, and Jammer - How have they played against San Diego?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Louis Vasquez, Shaun Phillips, and Quentin Jammer are all former Chargers. They will have one final shot at their old team this week, but how have they done in the previous two meetings?

Louis Vasquez

Has graded out a combined +3.8 against his former team this season. In the first meeting, Vasquez did not allow any pressures on 38 pass rush snaps. The following game, the Broncos offense became a bit one dimensional (11 rushes, 43 passes) and he did allow 2 QB hits. That means Louis has recorded a two-game pass blocking efficiency of 97.6%.

Quentin Jammer

Saw his first significant playing time of the season against San Diego, he has graded out +0.8 overall over the course of the two meetings. In coverage he's been targeted three times and has allowed 2 receptions for 17 yards with only 1 YAC.

Shaun Phillips

Shaun is the only one from this group to have a negative grade (-1.8) and this is where I am at odds with PFF. This negative grade is largely due to negative numbers in the pass rush department, yet in 36 pass rush snaps, Shaun has recorded 2 sacks and 4 hurries for a pass rush efficiency of 16.7% That number over the course of the season puts him top 10 amongst defensive ends.

What role will each play?

Louis and Shaun are going to be your starters. Louis has been money all season having been named 1st team All-Pro. He is the only Bronco to play every snap for their respective unit, and he is the only Broncos lineman to not allow a sack.

Shaun has seemingly disappeared as the year has worn on. In the last five games he has registered 1 sack and 13 hurries for a pass rushing efficiency of 11%.

Jammer should see time as the primary backup behind Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, Chris Harris Jr., and Champ Bailey. He should have leapfrogged Kayvon Webster on the depth chart at #4 by now so he should get some limited snaps on Sunday.

Vasquez is the most consistent and even dominating, but it will have to be Shaun Phillips who has to step things up to make things uncomfortable for Philip Rivers.

Who do you think will make the biggest contribution against San Diego this week?


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