Ah, the Chargers.

You know this game makes you nervous. Not because you’re unsure that the Broncos can beat the Chargers. We all know they can because they have. And not because the Chargers can beat the Broncos. Same deal. Not because Peyton is 0-2 against them in the playoffs or because he has had a penchant for bowing out in the first round. It’s not because their QB is pretty good too, or that his weapons have improved. Indy has a good QB and that Hilton dude seems pretty good. But the Colts don’t make me nervous. In fact, I think that whole match-up would have dripped with upbeat karmic import.

No, it’s because it’s the Chargers. You know, the team whose quarterback Broncos Country near universally considers a tool because, well, he’s a tool. The team that used to be what the Raiders have become but without the Old Days to brag on. But a team that has become quite a pain in the neck over the past decade or so. They’ve been the antagonist in Broncos tragedies in recent memory and their fans let us know about it. And it sucks to lose to a tool and his posse. Especially when it really matters.

Of course, their fans feel something similar even though our quarterback is actually an awesome dude. Highly exaggerated laser-rocket arm notwithstanding (and who needs laser-rockets when you load up smart bombs anyway?). Their fans know we’ll rub it in a bit. We’ll giggle at their dietary habits as we disparage their team’s draft choices and pooh pooh their chances of doing any better next year.

And that’s why I’m as excited as I am nervous.

As an aside, Danny Woodhead should come play for the Broncos. As a real football player he deserves to play in an outdoor stadium with actual weather, and one that smells like hotdogs and beer, not sushi and spritzers.

Phyllis, you’re bolo looks like a turquoise vagina. No, really. Look in a mirror.

Playoffs. Division Rival. A chance to wield the lash until next season.

Go Broncos!

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