I Hope My favorite team doesn't Draft Michael Sam

Joe Robbins

I haven't commented in a while. Kind of was a superstitious thing. Denver did good when I wasn't around, so I stayed away. But this Michael Sam thing, I had to say something and didn't want a "wall-o-text" response to some of you guys comments on other threads.

I don't want this to get too political because like most on here I just like to talk football (plus we can save politics for comments if necessary). But I don't want this guy anywhere near the Denver Broncos.

3 reasons. Character, influence, and play.

1. Character. Yeah he's an All-American. College graduate. But lost in all the equal rights hoopla, the media and Michael put emphasis on him "Just wanting to Play Football". Then Why would you tell the whole world you're Gay if you just want the focus to be on football. This kid wants attention and that's not even debatable. If he was just about playing football, he didn't have to tell his college teammates. He didn't have to tell anybody, he could've just played football. Especially being that it's nobody's business. But by his own admission, he knows what this means. He knows how big this is. And that's what he wants. And THAT'S what I don't want on this team. His priorities are out of whack. Go champion for homosexuals on another team. Heck, I hope he doesn't champion for homosexuals on any team which is my next point.

2. Influence. I don't consider the gay lifestyle to be a positive influence to children. That doesn't make me a bad person to say that. I didn't say I don't like gay people. I don't dislike anyone. If you're not an a**hole, I can get along with you. Doesn't mean I have to like your choice in lifestyle though. Especially when you can be considered an influence to children. It's selfish and inconsiderate to force parents to have to explain such mature subjects to the younger children, just so you can obtain your supposed rights and equality. Gay people aren't disenfranchised, impoverished, or denied civil rights or liberties. Literally.

3. Play. He's not really a scheme fit. Don't get me wrong, he's a good player. Has skills enough to be drafted just nowhere near the front. He doesn't display enough agility to have an effective spin move. Doesn't have an effective secondary move. Somewhat predictable due to lack of fluidity in his movements (agility). His bull rush is decent. His speed off the edge is decent. Doesn't really have a lot of bat downs but he is undersized. Undersized doesn't matter as much if you can display a good speed to strength combo kind of like Doom, Mathis, or Clemson's Vic Beasley. He doesn't, consistently. Coaches tried him at OLB in the senior bowl, he looked out of place despite the 1 sack. He has a good motor. Slightly above moderate strength. Appears to be a good leader (on the field). He's draftable talent wise. I just wish he could've kept his private life private. But that's not him.

He's not Jackie Robinson. He's not Ali. Gay is NOT the new Black. The LGBT is not the NAACP. Accepting that movement does not mean you are progressive or modern. This isn't like the new ipad, or computer upgrade whereby you accept it to let everyone know your up to date with the times. You don't have to be Christian to tell your kids Gay is not good. And you know what, that doesn't make you a bad parent to disagree with a that choice in lifestyle. Most of us don't even question what the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual movement would consider equality. What do you think would be the limit to their 'equality'. Should there be a limit to equality for them. Should everyone be afforded the same opportunities to display their sexual orientation or should we just limit it to gay men like Michael Sam? Should we evolve enough to allow lesbian kickers? I'm sure they can kick too. What if the 'dream' can be realized in the form of a bisexual assistant coach. Just because he likes men and women doesn't mean he can't know X's and O's right? How about he brings his 'friends' to feed children at charity events. Wouldn't it be a crime to tell him to conceal his spouses? Maybe we can show enough progress to allow transsexual cheerleaders? I'm sure those outfits would make them feel like real women after all right guys? Sorry if the sarcasm offends, but point is, one of the best things prohibition taught us is that we can't control who, or what people want to be. That's unfair. But we can control what they portray to the public. Especially when children are a part of that public. So when they chose to legalize alcohol again, they had a simple solution. Put a bag on it. Cover it up. Conceal it. Drink until you piss blood in the privacy of own area just don't let anyone else see it. Keep your business to yourself. And just do you

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