Six Pack: The Truth has freed Richie Incognito from ever playing football again

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A report came out that pulls the rug out from under Incognito forevermore. Darren Sharper is rapist and Madden downgrades the Denver Broncos in their rankings. Booo.
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1. Richie Incognito is Finished

It's time for all those Jonathan Martin haters to come out and publicly apologize for siding with this meathead named Richie Incognito. Ted Wells released a fairly in depth report that is completely damning to Richie Incognito's entire case. It is must read for anyone who found this drama even remotely interesting. This is textbook bullying if you ask locker room or not.

Ironically, this report also forced Incognito to do the first intelligent thing he has done in months. He deactivated his Twitter account. However, not before he provided us with one more peek into his shallow soul.

#ByeRichie, the NFL has a parting gift for you.

2. Darren Sharper a Rapist?

If it was just one charge, I could see that maybe it could be a misunderstanding. However, seven accusations in four states shows a pattern of a predator that has finally been taken off the streets. Since he is famous, he'll probably find a way out of doing serious time. Personally, I think any man who can do things like this deserve far worse than what they actually get.

3. Madden 25, Bronco Haters

The aftermath of the Super Bowl disaster is a gift that just keeps on giving for Denver Broncos fans. The two point drop is really just a blow to our collective pride, but 90 points is still higher than at any time I've ever played Madden. At least we don't have to edit the team to make them elite anymore, that activity can be left for Oakland Raiders fans.

4. On The Clock

I decided to draft the Houston Texans today. It's always more fun to have all the best draft picks to play with. The Texans don't have as many holes as their record would suggest, which means they have a golden opportunity to put together a championship roster just in time for the man who put them in this position to not enjoy it - looking at you Gary Kubiak.

  • Round 1 - Teddy Bridgewater, Quarterback
  • Round 2 - Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, Safety
  • Round 3 - Tre Mason, Running Back

5. "True" Super Bowls

The USA Today put out their definitive list of the "true" Super Bowls of each of the past 48 years. Obviously, the true Super Bowl this year included the San Francisco 49ers. Oh, but the hate doesn't stop there! No, the "true" Super Bowl of 1998 was the NFC Championship game between the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, because somehow the Vikings would have beaten the Broncos that year too, right?

Unfortunately, all three of the 1980's Super Bowls for the Broncos also ended with some NFC playoff game being the true Super Bowl. Oh how I loathed this panel of NFC homers, but I feel better knowing you all will share in my misery.

6. Horse Tracks

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