Long day's journey into night!

As the self proclaimed chairman of the Swedish Denver Broncos Fan club( the board consists of my four sons, two daughters, my wife who is responsible for both the venues and the cheerleading section and our cat Pelle who acts as a substitute for Thunder when the broncos score a touchdown) I must say that this is the most exciting day of my life. And I mean it!

I have been a Bronco fan since 1984 but I have been somewhat of a sleeper for many years. Until Peyton Manning arrived. Since then I have read every article written about the team, read almost every comment, not one day has gone by without spending an hour or two on the internet reading about the beloved Broncos. The speculations, the free agent period, the draft, spring training, summer training, preseason and every single event and snap during the regular season and the playoffs. Nothing could interest me more. I have become a maniac. A Broncomaniac.

I surprised my wife with a birthday trip to Indianapolis and the Broncos/colts game this fall. Very romantic:) Living in a country where Football is played with your feet and called soccer, people around me have a hard time understanding my obsession for a team from Denver, Colorado. As you can understand, logging in to Mile high Report every day and reading all the great stories and analysis by Kyle Montgomery, Tim Lynch, Scotty Payne, Bronco Mike, the Water cooler quarterbacks and all the others is pure joy. You guys make my day. Every day! Thanks!

And today. The grand finale. The Super Bowl! All possible scenarios have crossed my mind. A big win, a loss, a close game, snow storm,game winning interception by Champ Bailey, overtime, injuries, Hail Mary's and field goal with seconds left...all eventualities have been considered.

I have been a nervous wreck during the playoffs. I'm a sore looser. It takes days and weeks for me to digest a loss. I act as if it's not a big deal. But it is!

A football game with the broncos is not a matter of life or's more important than that!:)

But strangely enough everything has calmed down. The inner storm has passed over. The nervousness has suddenly been replaced by a state of tranquility. Why?

Because, win or loss, the Broncos have had a season that has exceeded all my expectations. With all the injuries to key players it's a feat just reaching the Super Bowl. If the Seahawks(God forbid...just writing it makes me feel sick:))get to raise the Lombardi trophy then it's probably well earned and congratulations to them. I will be equally proud of the Broncos either way. They have given us fans the ride of our lives. But if they win, which I'm certain of, then it will be the happiest sports moment ever! I will run barefooted through the snowy streets of Garphyttan, Sweden in my orange jersey with my home made orange Bronco flag, screaming my lungs out: I LOVE THE DENVER BRONCOS!

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