Proud of what? Broncos played with NO heart!

I will make this short and bitter. I was nervous coming into this game. Not knowing what to expect from seattle. I held onto the thought that our O-line has been playing well. Our receivers were making plays. Our defense seemed to be shutting out high scoring offenses (until garbage time).

But seattle seemed to have all the confidence in the world. The "Legion of boom." They sure brought it.... and the Broncos seemed all to happy to feed it to them. Short routes allowing defenders to light up our receivers. Not keeping an extra tight end in to help with the pressure that seattle is KNOWN to bring.

All Game long the broncos just seemed to be playing with no heart. No fire! Just going along with the emotions. Nobody yelling on the sidelines about what jobs should be done. Nobody getting pissed at themselves for blowing plays. Just another sunday in a year full of them.

Champ bailey is a shell of his former self and I would be disappointed if he doesn't change to safety or retire (and this is my favorite bronco!). He was abused today, no matter who he un-covered.

Duke no natchos should be ashamed to call himself a safety. To me, all he is, is a uniform that throws his body everywhere. He doesn't make plays. He just runs around and tries to launch himself into offenders.

Our run defense did a great job stopping the run. But when it came to getting pressure on Russell, they we afraid. They wouldn't go full speed in fear that he may take off and run. Seattle's O-line is not good at all and we barely got any pressure on him.

I hate that our corners ALWAYS play 10 yards off the receiver. MAN UP! disrupt their routes. DO SOMETHING DAMMIT!

I couldn't count the number of times that the pocket collapsed. Rushing Peyton. Our coaches gave zero respect to seatlle's pass rush and our o-line paid for it all day.

Zero adjustments were made.

No coaching the need to TAKE CARE OF THE BALL. those fumbles where just inexcusable!

Everyone is calm and has the mindset of. Oh well... time to go home. Losers mentality!

I'm embarrassed of the team that showed up today. Because they definitely weren't the Denver Broncos.

I'm pissed and will be for quite some time.

I also apologize to the seattle seahawks and everyone who watched the game today because all of you deserved to watch a better team play.. and the Denver Broncos definitely were NOT that team.

Venting Done.

George clooney as our broncos =

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