Loved the combine now 2014 Draft ....#2

Ok, this is my second try at a fan post and hopefully with a couple hints that I picked up from others, I'll do a little better and make it a bit more readable. I'm still going with my premise that we can trade with the Jets ( who want backk in the Frist Round and give them #31 and #158 our(5th)for their 2nd (#49) and one of their 3rds (#80). This would give us 49,63,80,95,127,191,223.

Like a lot of other Champ fans out there, I'm going to be sorry to see him go, but the time has come. I'm for letting the majority of our FA's head to the open market. If Ayer's wants to stay a a reasonable price OK, same for Caldwell. We need to re-sign DRC, Harris,Unrein and possibly Carter. Beadles will probably get paid too much compared to some of the quality guards available in theh draft (with their rookie contracts). Other than these I wish everyone well.

FA spending - Ayers, or if not we look at J. Allen on a shorter incentive ladden contract; I also want one more proven CB... my choice is Shields if we can pry him away from GB. I also would make a run at Clinton McDonald as a pass rusher for our DT rotation. He's fairly young and could probably be had w/o breaking the bank. My guess is that if we absolutly had to Peyton would work with the front office to restucture a bit if needed.

Back to the fun of second guessing our draft:

#49 (from the Jets) - Jason Verett CB TCU, I know he's not 6+feet, but he plays with a chip on his shoulder, has put on 15 lbs since college and still had his speed at the combine. He's had consistant production and plays with heart.

#63 - Weston Richberg C/OG Colorado State, A favorite of mine and this may be too high, but I don't think he makes it to #80. Great backup this year at C/OG and next year takes over and is the long term answer over the ball. Tenacious, durable, smart.

#80 -(from the Jets) - Deone Bucannon safety from Washington State. Big , fearless hitter. Our soft middle is no loner a nice place for opponents to try and catch the ball. The initial Chancellor hit on Decker in the SB set the tone for the kind of day we were going to have. Now we have an enforcer.

#95 -Jeff Janis WR Saginaw State...If you didn't see him in the Combine go back and look him up. 6'3" 219, and ran a 4.42. Looks like our new Decker; caught everything, great production in college. I'll bet money he turns out to be a long tiome NFL stud in the mold of Decker/McCafferty... guess we need to give him #87 to wear.

#127 - Ben Gardner DE Stanford, don't know why everyone mocks him so low but if he slips this far we grab him. Had a torn pec last year or I think he'd have out played Trent Murphy. Very physical with O linemen. Won't start this year but has a chance to be very solid down the road.

#191 - Lorenzo Taliaferro - RB Coastal Carolina, I figure if we keep selecting RB's in the 6th round maybe someday we get another TD. He had a good Senior Bowl ,and showed skill blocking in the backfield... a must for protecting Peyton.

#223 - Caleb Lavey ILB Oklahoma State - Everyone needs a sleeper and here's mine. A good sized ILB who excells in coverage. One of the few in this years draft who is better in coverage than run support. Don't know if he can make it, but would like to see us shut down all the crossing and seam passes that we've given up the past few years.

Out of this group I think Verett and Bucannon will see the field in their positions next year along with some quality Special Team action and will be starters of the future. Richberg is an injury insurance policy for a year then is our long term C. Jeff Janis Starts from day one and catchs a bunch of passes the first couple games while everyone double teams the "Thomas's".

I'm happy with our Oline and when we get Clady back, Clark goes to RT and Franklin comes over to LG. Secondary is now a (costly) strength with Shields, DRC and Harris. D line rotates Knighton, Vick, Sly, Unrein and McDonald. Ayers (or Jared Allen) and Jackson at the DE's (Also want to see how Quantereous Smith fits in). Von comes back strong, Trevathan gets better, and Irving/Johnson fight over limited reps at MLB. Moore is back healty and a year wiser. He and Quinton Carter fight for time with Ihenacho while Bucannon developes behind them. A good stable of RB's with Ball getting the majority of reps spelled by Anderson/Taliaferro & Hillman. Thomas & Green backed up by Tamme, and Thomas, Welker and Janis starting at WR with Bubba and Gerrell Robinson behind them...I'm thinking match up nightmare sizewise...

Let m,e know what you think, always glad to hear other thoughts this time of year. GO BRONCOS!

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