Season-ending Thoughts

I've seen worse honestly...4-12, 55-10, and blow-outs to the faders at home. Our team picked a very very bad time to have a horrible game. I hate seeing my team suck in every way and get manhandled, but I'm happy to know our guys weren't robbed by refs...they just sucked and were beat by a far better team.

I take nothing away from Seattle. Their team played superb and deserved that trophy wholeheartedly. That defense is fantastic and one I'd love to see our team emulate. They played with fire and were disruptive causing turnovers and keeping our guys out of their rhythm. Also their offense played fantastic ball...doing what I was afraid of and taking advantage of our defenses big-play weakness.

I'm not doing a full No-Bull review on this one guys...that whole game was full of Bull from our side and it would be sadistic for me to pick through everything. I'm not into that kinda stuff so we get Bull-Lite this week Broncos Country.

Here's my thoughts in a rough list for you guys to chew on...discuss below as always.

  • I think John Elway will and should look at any possible move to make us better. No one should be safe in any position.
  • That being said, this kind of loss to me starts with leadership. I'm not one to say Fox should get canned because he's a good coach, but this kind of loss starts with him, moves directly to his coordinators, then to the players. We looked woefully unprepared and outmatched...worse than last year's playoff exit (heavily caused by horrible refs).
  • Our O-line was the main cause of our troubles. Franklin got owned consistently, Clark looked like a back-up (which he is...let's be honest people), and Zane Beadles still looked like a weak link. If we can keep the core of the offense together, these guys should be the focus of the offseason for our offense.
  • We do need 2 better RBs...I think Montee Ball isn't going anywhere. I would like Knowshon Moreno to stay but he is as of now not a Bronco. Then we still need a third.
  • Champ Bailey can't cut it at CB moving forward. That's my official take as of now. I love him dearly but a duck is a duck and this dude doesn't have the skills any longer to cut it at CB...not even in the slot. If he stays, he needs to move to safety (which I think could extend his career for years) and take a big pay-cut. It is unfortunately time to make the tough business decisions with him. I see this from an up-side point of view. Could he still be better after an offseason to heal? Sure, but is he going to likely improve or decline in ability?
  • I like a lot of what our D-Line has done over the year, but they need a step forward. That can be another off-season of good work and coaching (there are a few key guys that are young) or some new blood in free agency. We need to improve on an already nasty line.
  • Our linebacker group has some key pieces that are superb, but as a unit I feel they are not complete. Woody has been playing out of position, Von has been a mess and not available, etc. Danny Trevathan can't do it all by himself. My take: Von needs to show us this next year some good stuff, Keep Danny T, let Woodyard go, go get a real answer for MLB instead of making exceptions and cutting corners with it.
  • We will need a new answer at CB. I'd love to see us go after Tillman this off-season. I like DRC's cover skills, but I dislike his finesse play. Harris being back will do wonders for this area.
  • Safety is still a HUGE weakness as it has been for years now. Ihenacho needs to really take a big step forward in coverage ability this off-season or he needs to go. We need coverage skills on both sides of the field with our safeties. Adams needs to be let go as we need better than mediocre "veteran" play. We have to do better here...just look at the numbers and it will tell you what my eyes do: our secondary was a huge defensive weakness this year.
  • Our kickers for all the money we paid them left me wanting in the big game. Bad punting, bad kicking.
  • Speaking of which...what the heck was that 2nd half kickoff? Bad coverage? Bad kick? Combination of both? That was a complete mess from what I saw...would love to see some video review of it with better angles than the TV showed.
  • We have tons of time now to look at our free agents and such, but I still don't think Beadles or Decker are keepers by any stretch of the imagination...especially if they ask for big money.
  • To get back to coaching for a second, I said when we hired him Fox was the right man for the job at the time, and he was. Is he still? It is a great question to ponder. Also I have been a huge JDR fan as a DC. I'm not sold on that either after this season...even given the injury mess he had to deal with...there were way too many strange decisions being made this season.

Final Thought:

Don't despair Broncos Country. This was a great season and I will remember it fondly as should you. Our offense was masterful and well worth being proud of. Our team was resilient and fought hard...even in a complete mess of a game that I would have wanted to just run the clock out on. I think fondly about the 2011 Broncos and they didn't even make it this far. This was a better season and I look forward to our quest next year. Go Broncos!

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