John Fox is NOT the answer


Ok folks,

We witnessed a slaughter last Sunday and for sure it still hurts. Though we can't keep stuck with the pain. We have to let it go in order to keep improving and fight for the Super Bowl again in 2014. A lot have already been said about how it's better to lose that way than not playing ing the big game, and how we should be proud of our season. I agree with these points, so I'm not gonna make a rant about it.

We've been discussing a much more controversial subject on several topics, and so I decided to compile all my ideas and thoughts about it on this single post, with the purpose to make it easier to debate points. As you already know by my tittle, I do want John Fox out of my beloved DENVER BRONCOS!

My points:

* Game planning: With John Fox we had several examples on how not to game plan for a game. He is predictable, he isn't creative and he is stubborn. If he played poker, he'd lack "playing the opponent's hand and not yours". He just can't reach deep layers of strategy and countering opposite ways of thinking on how he is game planning.

* Game day: If he is predictable game planning the team, he is even more calling plays. Any 10 years old kid can tell us what's coming the very next play almost every time. The BRONCOS wasn't beaten before the Super Bowl because we have so much talent on both sides of the ball, and not because of our coaching staff.

* Challenges: John Fox is the worst head coach ever tossing that red flag. Period. This is a point I don't think anybody will disagree, so let's keep going with this list.

* Adjustments: Any head coach must be able to look at the game and realize what's working and what's not working. On what's working, he should keep it working by adjusting a few details to make that stuff even better. And obviously on what's not working, he should figure out any other ways to make it work by making adjustments.

Also he should be able to make the same close look at the other team and know how to counter what's giving you trouble and explore even more the havoc you're causing to that team. John Fox doesn't do any of this, ever, anywhere, anytime.

* Motivation: Part of the job of any head coach goes beyond being beloved and likeable. The man must be a motivator in the locker room. He need to fire up players to extract the maximum of each. John Fox just can't do this, and he'll never learn how to do this. This is a skillset you're born with, not a teachable one.

These are the main points why I don't whant John Fox in Denver anymore. I'm pretty sure he was the best possible answer when we were the 31th best team in the NFL. We needed a likeable guy like him, and he fit the role very well! Now we must look to upgrade the head coach position in order to have a better chance next year.

A very wise bud (Bill Freeman) told us on someother post on MHR that we can't blame the ants for a bad picnic. And he is right! It's your fault if you put your basket over their nest. But you can move your basket to some other place far from the nest and have a good picnic. That's something you can do.

And so it's OUR fault to put John Fox out there for 1 more year, since our Peyton Manning window is closing really fast (1 more year, maybe 2). We need to move on and look at better names to replace him because we don't want another picnic ruined like the Super Bowl XLVIII. He have to put our basket on another grass, far from any nest.


I know there aren't many good names available. However, we already know what we get with John Fox. So we should make any other shot. For example:

Urban Meyer - Ok, it looks crazy for the first time you read this name here. He has no NFL experience! Indeed, but just look at how Chip Kelly had a good season with a not very good team.

Urban Meyer could bring us exactly what we need, if we can keep JDR and Gase to help him. He knows a lot about college players and could make superb drafts. He is a huge motivator and he can fire up his players like few coaches can. He is very smart and savvy, capable of a good game planning each week. And he is fresh, he can think outside the box! He also had a log of success at college and has a ton of experience on very important games.

Gary Kubiak - Ohhh he sucked with the Texans. Indeed, but just look at their team. Old players, several injuries, QB controvery and many other issues. On the other hand he already knows our house and he has a great relationship with John Elway. Kubiak is also not the "resigned" type of guy and he will always try to win games instead of just looking at everything and making nothing, how John Fox does.

These two names are just suggestions, of course we could think about several other names before hammering who is the best option. The point is that I'd take several options over John Fox in a heartbeat and this is the time to do it!

I know I'm still disappointed and pissed about Sunday, but I really tried to keep my mind calm before writing all this stuff. Also sorry if I made any grammar mistakes. Thank you for your attention.


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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