Tales from NYC

Well, we made it there and back. My Brother and I decided to make the trip from Toronto to NYC late last week.

We left Toronto around 8pm on the Friday and drove down to Manhattan. Night driving is tough, but Sirius kept us awake, channel hopping from NFL radio to the 80s channel. We arrived downtown, just before 6AM. Streets were quiet, but as we drove through mid-town, we could see that some of the streets were closed for the SB Boulevard. Parked the car on an early bird, and found a local Starbucks for coffee and wifi.

Got the Broncos gear on - Orange Champ Bailey - and headed across to 42nd street. Even at 7am there will fans milling around.

Saw Steve Young and Tom Jackson at the ESPN stand and met them afterwards. TJ signed my cap and it was one of the highlights of the weekend - he laughed, as we shouted 'Omaha!'.

From there, we walked around the boulevard, and waited for things to open up. By 10AM, the Macys NFL shop was completely packed out - just crazy with people and line-ups for all kinds of Superbowl gear. As the Boulevard opened up at Noon, we soon realized that we wouldn't be standing in line for anything - the lines were just to hard to decipher and it felt like New Years Eve as a mass of people just moved around Times Square. Still, good times and lots of good natured banter with fans.

In the PM, came really close to putting down $1300 on a ticket. Two seats available in the nosebleeds, but our credit cards just wouldn't take the hit. I must admit I mulled this over from Saturday PM till about 3PM on the Sunday, but eventually decided on watching the game and heading downtown to celebrate after the game.

Sunday - so nervous. Found a local football field in Montclair NJ (great little town where we stayed, and still close enough to everything) and tried to get rid of some energy. Snow on the field, but the weather was great - perfect day for football. Ran patterns, threw passes for about 2 hours and then limped back to the hotel.

Looked again at tickets, but played some Madden, watched the pre-game.

And then the game. Awful.

Left Montclair early and drove back to Toronto.

Despite the game, still a GREAT weekend. If you ever think about going, just go. Even to be around the game, felt great. Having time with my brother - priceless.

And as a Broncos fan since the 80s (that's just my age, it's not a badge of honour), it's probably easier to deal with this. I can look back and reflect that the journey is the most important part of everything. But, its still hurts, not as much as the 80s losses, as Elway just felt like 'ours'. This time around, I'm already moving on.

34 hour drive from Toronto to Arizona - we can do this!

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