Happy Birthday Coach Zorro!

Well, since I am the self-appointed MHR historian (which is not as awesome as being the self-imposed emperor Calikula), I thought I'd remind everyone that February 8 is head coach John Fox's 59th birthday.

Fox was born February 8, 1959 in Virginia Beach, Va. and grew up near Chula Vista, Calif. playing at Castle Park High School for legendary coach Gil Warren and later for Reldon "Bing" Dawson at Southwestern State also in Chula Vista, starring for the Jaguars as a defensive back in 1974-75.

Next, Fox played at San Diego State (also the alma mater of legendary Broncos receiver Haven Moses and much-maligned tailback Ronnie Hillman), playing in the same defensive backfield as Herman Edwards, who many recall as the "we play to win the game" coach.

After graduating from SDSU, wherein he received a degree in physical education and actually earned teaching credentials while an Aztec, he signed a two-year free agent contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but nothing could be found suggesting he played during this time, per

Incidentally, Fox's first coaching job was at U.S.I.U., (now known as Alliant International University) at the San Diego campus and served as the defensive backs coach in 1979, while legendary Hall of Fame coach Sid Gillman was the athletic director.

In 1980, Fox became a Bronco for the first time, serving as defensive backs coach at Boise State when the Broncos won the I-AA national championship (i.e., the real kind that is not affiliated with the former BC$), besting Eastern Kentucky's Colonels 31-29 in the national title game.

He then coached the defensive backs at Long Beach State in 1981, followed by a stint at Utah in 1982 as well as at Kansas in 1983 and Iowa State in 1984, so if you'll pardon the pun, his stint as a defensive backs coach was cyclonic throughout Division I-A at this time in his career.

He then was the defensive backs coach in 1985 for the Los Angeles Express of the USFL, a roster which featured numerous future NFL standouts such as quarterback Steve Young, tailback/KR Mel Gray who starred with the Lions, kicker Tony Zendejas and former Broncos defensive back Wymon Henderson.

After serving as defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach for the Pittsburgh Panthers from 1986-1988, Fox entered the NFL for the first time, cutting his teeth under the tutelage of Chuck Noll with the Steelers from 1989-1991, losing to the Broncos in the 1989 wild card playoffs, one of my more vivid memories as a Broncos fan.

After serving as a defensive backs coach from 1992-93 with the San Diego Chargers, Fox became a defensive coordinator in the NFL for the first time with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1994 and 1995.

This was followed by a short stint with the St. Louis Rams as a personnel consultant in 1996 after which he became a defensive coordinator for the final time to date from 1997-2001 with the New York Giants. It was at this time, when he served under head coach Jim Fassel (a former Broncos offensive coordinator) that he went to the Super Bowl for the first time. The Baltimore Ravens decimated the Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl XXXV, incidentally as many may recall while Broncos standout Brandon Stokley scored the first touchdown of the game.

Fox then became a head coach with the Carolina Panthers from 2002-10, leading the Panthers to their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history and amassing a 73-71 record and was fired after a 2-14 record in 2010 which saw owner Jerry Richardson field a gutted roster featuring signal-caller Jimmy Clausen before the 2011 lockout occurred.

Since January 13, 2011, Fox has been the head coach in Denver, becoming the 14th head coach in franchise history. For better or worse, he has been part of a great run in Broncos history, as the franchise has never won three consecutive AFC West titles before the last run the team has been on since he took over.

Presently, Fox is 34-14 in Denver, winning 70 percent of his games and played a key role (along with Peyton Manning of course) in leading the Broncos to three consecutive playoff appearances. As presently constituted, there is no evidence suggesting this will not become four consecutive playoff appearances while we hope Fox's health improves after the scare he had last season. Be assured that the objective part of the analysis ends here.

In short, call me quixotic ERR delusional, but I do believe that we can win a Super Bowl with "Coach Zorro" at the helm, slicing all adversaries we may face to ribbons.

Now, in closing, I apologize to all MHR members (Bronco Mike especially for diming him out and being exposed for my ignominious sedition). If I have shamed us in any way, I will do much better in the public forum and build up MHR to greater heights than it has heretofore seen.

Kyle Montgomery, the aforementioned Bronco Mike, Topher Doll, Ozark and numerous others are my superior but I will do my best to learn at the feet of the masters, and in Ozark's case, the mistress, as it were.

Hopefully you read this and like the contributions I'm attempting to make.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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