Broncos...They Are My Team

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I've been a Broncos' Fan since the day they drafted Randy Gradishar. I watched alot more College Football than I do today, but I thought Gradishar was the Best MLB to come out of College that year (1974)...I still think he was the Best MLB of his era in the NFL.

Anyway, today I had to go to funeral, an Uncle, on my Mother's side, had passed away. It was a solemn time with an Air Force Honor Guard, which was very well done & made me proud to be an American... he was a Pilot during WW2. A reception at one of my cousins' house followed, and I wore my Broncos AFC Conference Champions Cap.

I received a few barbs which I expected, but my reply was 'They Are My Team!' I had the opportunity to meet some people I didn't know and I shared how I became a Broncos Fan & have stayed with them through the good times as well as the bad. This season was one of the Good Times though the Ending was a disappointment. I know I can speak for all Broncos' Fans...I never saw this one coming. I thought it would be a tough game, but that we would be able to score on a very good Defense, but, as we all know, it didn't happen and we, as fans, were stunned.

We also had the privilege of watching a truly historic season, brought about by a man, who, 2 years ago didn't know if he would ever be able to play again. PFM had the best season of his lengthy career & aided by those around him, got the Broncos to the SB...30 other Teams didn't make the trip!

Along the Way To The SB, we lost Champ for most of the Season, and we did lose: Ryan Clady, Von Miller, Rahim Moore, Chris Harris Jr., Big Vick & Derek Wolfe...All Starters and mostly on Defense, save for Clady. Injuries that would have put lesser Teams into the 'more losses than wins' category, but this Team persevered.

We had some key FA signings: DRC, Vasquez, Welker, Pot Roast, Phillips with Mincey coming in late season...These acquisitions are encouraging as they illustrate that the tending to business. I think we had a pretty good draft, beginning with Sly Williams, who was pushed into a starter role after Big Vic went down and I think he played well for a Rookie...IMO, he will only get better and we should have one of the best Interior DL in the League next season.

For those who have access to NFL Rewind, I recommend re-watching the Broncos' v Skins if you want to see a Dominant Defense. We played Smash-Mouth with a relatively full roster and we were very good. Point being here is that we did have the Players to be Top Defense in the League. We lost so much, but never gave up. I think Props are due to JFE, Coach Fox & Del Rio for making the most out what they had to work with...Certainly there are lessons to be learned and the SB should give the FO & Coaching Staff a clear indication of the direction we need to go to complete the Journey next Season. The NFC West is a very tough division and we need to show that we can compete at that level. I have confidence that all this is not lost on JFE, HC Fox & his staff...I think there is always room for improvement insofar as the Players are concerned but also for the Coaching Staff...Take this Loss, hard as it is, and learn from it...You are smart Men or you wouldn't be where you are today.

In Closing, I would like to thank the Broncos for this very memorable & fun season...To The Players: I've thoroughly enjoyed the progress you made from the previous year and I know that you will continue to improve. JFE, keep making good decisions that help this Team get better...My guess is that you will continue to have FAs wanting to come to Denver to be part of something special.

I will continue to wear my Broncos: Cap, Tee, Jersey (# 53 ), Hoodie etc through the Off-Season and if I get some barbs, I will always say 'They Are My Team'!

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