If I was the Broncos GM for a day

With the price of FA's going up and up...aka Shields getting almost 10m a year and 16m guaranteed. DRC is going to want a contract close to that. I can see JE signing Munnerlyn and Walter Thurmond. Both could be had for the price of 1 DRC. I also see JE looking into some trades of players from a position of strength for players in position of weakness and draft picks. All I keep hearing is how DEEP this draft is.

Trades: I see 2 players that we could trade for some good draft picks/ players. Ryan Clady and Brock Oswieler. We ran just fine last year with Clark at LT and Brock is going to ride the pine until Manning decides it time to call it quits.

Ryan Clady- the next best position after QB is LT. Clady is great, but I thought Clark did just as good of a job, and would cost the Broncos a little over 4m less. That's 4m that could go to resigning Beadles, or another FA OL men.

Teams that could be interested in Oswieler- Minnesota, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Houston, to start with. I know that most don't like this idea, but we only have 1 to 3 years left with Manning and need to maximize his/our chances of winning the SB. If we have value that sits on the bench, why don't we get something for that. We spent a late 2nd rounder to get Brock, we should ask for a late 1st to early 2nd round in return. Cleveland has the 26th pick in the draft. That would give us the best bang for our Brock. That would also give us 2-1st round picks to move all over the draft board.

Clady is a huge commodity that would get us a mid 1st rounder if not for the injury problems. I think we could still get a mid- 2nd rounder for him. Teams that are in need of Clady's service- Miami, Cincy, Baltimore, TB. If I where JE I would approach Cincy and trade Clady for Kirkpatrick and a 4th pick. That would solve 1 problem without creating another. Kirkpatrick, Harris, and a FATB would be our top 3. Kirkpatrick would only cost us 2.4m this year and 2.7m nest year. He is only 24 years old and stand 6'2". I would love to see him next to Harris for the next 10 years or so.

So with the trades we have traded 2 very high commodity items for an extra 1st and 4th round picks and an up and coming CB. Both players traded will not hurt the Broncos this year, although they could in the future. We have saved another 5.3m against the cap.

Now for the cutting the fat partition. Start with Chris Kuper(4.1m), Joel Dreessen(2.5m), Jacob Tamme(3m), and Kevin Vickerson(1.8m). That would be a total of 11.3m of savings. All players, IMO, will be back ups this year or cut down when we get to the final 53. With the trades and cuts we have saved a total of 16.6m, not including Champs 10m. My understanding is that we would then have around 40.5m in cap space. Know we could go hog wild, but JE is more sensible then that.

Resign: Beadles, Caldwell, Phillips, Huff, and Mincey. That gives back our starting LG, and possibly starting WR.

Top needs include: RDE, CB, S, MLB, DT, RB, QB. I would be looking into the draft for more help at LG, and WR. Here is who I would sign.

Jason Babin, DE, Jacksonville. I know that JDR was gone when he was signed by Jacksonville, but I think that he could have the same impact that Phillips did last year. 32.5 sacks is last 3 years, 1 was with Phily in which he had 18 sacks.

CB- I think we will sign at least CB and draft 1. 1st signing is for Capitan Munnerlyn, Carolina. I think he fits better at nickel because of his size (5'8). With Harris and Kirkpatrick on the outside, Munnerlyn could man the inside. we also have the up and coming of Webster and Bolden.

S- This is a big 1 for most of us Bronco Fans. There are 3 guys that I like: Ward, Whitner, and Mitchell. Ward and Whitner are going to be the most expensive(6-8m. Mitchell might be a little cheaper, but not by much. I would go after Ward because of his physical presence. we have be missing this since Lynch left.

MLB- this is a position that not used as much anymore. I have 2 guys I like here: Beason and Spikes. Beason is a former Pro-Bowler, but Spikes is a player when we play the Pats that is all over our running game. I think this comes down to who we get at S. If we get a cover Safety, then Spikes would be my guy. If we get a thumper like Ward, then I would go after Beason. If we signed Beason, I would back that up with Tatupu for insurance reasons.

DT- since I would cut Vickerson and put Williams in his place, we need another guy for our rotation. we have Knighton, Williams and Unrein as our main cast. We need another guy in there. I would like to see Raji on a 1 year contract, which he might be interested in. That would give us a very good rotation of DT's.

RB- This will be a mind blower he...go sign the recently released Sproles. He can return punts, and be a better back out of the backfield then Moreno ever was.

In the draft we would have 9 picks. I would target future players at QB, RB, WR, RT, DE, MLB, CB, and S.

1-26: Dee Ford. DE, Auburn. Had a great senior bowl and is a prospect on the rise. Would be able to be a situational rusher this year, then take over for Babin next year.

1-31: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, FSU. Has the size of DT, but not as fast. 6'5" 240lbs and ran a 4.61 40. Only played last year at FSU, but wow!!! Averaged more then a TD per game and a whooping 18.7 YPC. Let him have this year to develop more, then throw him in at #2 WR next year.

2-63: Weston Richburg, C, CSU. Top center in the class, and would be the center of the future for us.

3-71:Da'Quan Jones, DT, Penn State. Great size at 6'4" 322. I could see him replacing Knighton next year, if we don't get him resigned.

3-95: Keith McGill, CB, Utah. Great size for a CB (6'3") This could be our Sherman pick of this class.

4-123: Christian Jones, MLB, FSU. Currently ranked 123 in CBS's rankings. I think he might have to taken earlier, but this is where he is rank as of this posting. I think this cat has great potential.

4-127: Andre Williams, RB, Boston College. Great value because of injuries. Great size at 5'11" and 230 lbs. If Ball ever breaks down because of the amount of carries in college, Williams could step in.

5-159: Terrence Mitchell, CB, Oregon. I thought this guy would be gone in the 2nd or 3rd round. Come to find out he is still on the board. Great value with a late pick. Only 5'11" but does have good to great speed.

6-191: Logan Thomas, QB, V-Tech. Great size at 6'6" and 250 lbs. Heard rumors that Elway likes him, but the only concern that I would have with him is that he tends to drop his head when Coming into contact with defenders. That kind of action will get you killed in the NFL.

7-223: Tevin Reese, WR, Baylor. I say with the last pick for us we go with a wild card player. The NFL has been nice to the last 2 Baylor WR that have come in(Gordon & Williams).He could be our kick returner this year and learn from the great Welker on how to be a great slot WR.

I'm sure I could re-due this mock draft 100 times and come up with something better, but this is what it is for now.

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