B O gotta GO

Brock Osweiler.

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers. Hypothetically, with 6 rings between them, these are the kind of QB's that give you the best chance to win. They are what you call elite. Elway chose Brock for 2 reason(I'm hoping for a 3rd which I will reveal in a minute). Just in case Manning didn't heal properly from neck surgery, and because the kid looks talented(has physical gifts 6'7/8, 240lbs, rocket arm, mobility, UPSIDE!). Some note the method of drafting a QB virtually every year until you know you found THE guy. IMHO, that makes a lot of sense to me. Just because it makes sense to me(a lot of sense actually), doesn't mean it's the best way, its a way. Such has to be managed carefully in regards to maximizing your roster. In a perfect world, every QB you draft can grow to have what it takes to be elite but you just Don't Know. Who saw Brady coming right. Terrell Davis. I mean, you all know the narrative. Do the best you can to maximize the opportunity you have.Cool, I dig it.

But as some of us like to say, one man betters the next. 1 tool sharpens the other. No matter how great you are, sometimes you are only as good as your teammate. Especially in the ultimate team sport. The only thing that speaks to time is outcomes/results. I say all that mumbo jumbo to present a hypothetical. What if Brock develops into what you call an Elite talent? Well lets look at some pasts Super Bowls for context. Shows all the QB's that participated in a Super Bowl. I started from Elway beating Favre since that was the 2nd best SB all time I've seen IMO. Of the QB's that appeared in the SB I counted about 18 as being elite and 16 not. Keep in mind, I counted more than once on some because the point I'm making is were the QB's in that particular SB elite at that particular time(for pretty much that season). Elway 2. Kurt Warner 2(I consider his third trip borderline, great WR's, good D). Tom Brady 4(his 1st he was a game manager, and honestly 2 of them, those defenses were great). Manning 3 times but he played horrible in the playoffs he won. Ben 2(managed in his first and they ran trick plays). Eli 1(nobody considered him elite in the 18-1 season plus the defensive front 4 held NE to 2 TD's). Brett, Aaron, Drew, Rich Gannon(was elite at the time). So 10 people in all(not counting the multiple winners). Of the 10(don't count Brett Favre because I'm starting from Elway), 8 have won a SB since 1998(Elway 2, Warner 1, Brady 3, Manning 1, Ben 2, Eli 2, Aaron 1, Drew 1). Meaning 11 of the 16 Super Bowls were won by QB's that can be considered elite(impressive). (I didn't consider Chandler, McNair, Dilfer, Collins, Johnson, Delhomme, McNabb[borderline], Hasselback[meh], Grossman, Kaep, Wilson to be elite, and added with the QB's above when they were not elite is how I got my 16 above). All unscientic. All MY opinion. You can look at the list of who appeared on the site, and draw your own conclusions counting 1 by 1 who you would call elite that appeared in each SB. But now examine what I'm getting at. Context.

When Elway won his 2 as an elite QB, he had an ELITE team around him. Stud WR's, stud safety play, borderline HOF RB, stud defensive line, 1 of the best blocking schemes invented, and still active today. That was an All Time good team. Warner had "The Greatest Show"(bruce,holt, hakim) on turf, Dick Vermiel, and an UNderated D headed by London Fletcher. Tom Brady. Well Documented(his teams and coach). Manning's defense went nuts the year he won a chip. Any year Eli lacked a pass rush on the other side, getting after the opposing QB, I don't know if he even made the playoffs. People are almost more familiar with Troy Polamalu than Ben because of what that Defense meant to his career. Aaron had darn good WR's, but he's incredible(just above decent D). Drew has nutso Sean Payton and that pass happy O, but folk forget that defense that year was up there in regards to TO's caused in the league that year.

I think you're getting my point before I even got there. TEAMS win SB's. Heck, a no name, or someone just outside of the elite category get there half the time. And miss a ring by maybe a play or 2. Some no names WIN(Dilfer, Johnson). What if Brock develops into what you call an Elite talent??? I don't care. Because he can't win A Super Bowl without a good team around him. I bet Aaron Murray from Georgia(not likely to go in the top 2-3 rounds)could've won the same Super Bowl Russel Wilson just won with that team around him, and 2 years experience(he's not a scrub btw). In other words, our QB does not have to be elite to win a SB. He's barely gotta be good enough to get us there sometimes(depending on the team).

So what do you suggest Warren333?(I never thought you'd ask :-)[and I'm joking people, not being a narcissist]

I said I hope there's a 3rd reason Elway drafted Brock. I hope he drafted him for the reason he said. To be the future of this franchise. I just hope that future comes in the form of 2 players from this loaded draft via trade. Who would I target? CLE. These cats are loaded with 2-1's, 1-2, and 2-3's. They need a QB, and if they get 1 via trade, they can stay in the clowney sweepstakes or steal Watkins at 4. Win win for them since Brock got 2 left on his rookie contract.

If I'm Denver, I don't say give me your 2, I don't even say give me 1 of the 1's. I say give me both 3's! And if they hardball, give me a 3 and a 5, might throw in Hillman to sweeten the deal. This draft is so deep its got trade back written all over it, and 31 other teams are thinking the same. We don't need Brock no more than we need a better Pass Rush, better Safety Play, a credible MLB(maybe Trevathon and get an OLB), better Guard play(beadles), consistent Tackle Play(compete with Lando add depth), maybe better RB Play(no QB should be expected to carry a running game it should be the other way around), and the list goes on. I don't say this to load up the team for Manning. I say this to load up the team from "now on". That's why we can have our cake and eat it to by keeping Decker. If PFM says f^*% it I'm done, we got 2 vets to ease in the new booty. And we can trade back out of the 1st if its meh, and turn 7 picks to 10. 2 being WR's, 2 being CB's(McGill, Jean-Baptiste, Desir, Exum, Colvin), Depth. Most rookies in this draft will start slow since they moved the draft back a month. Means training will start closer to the season so not as much time to get adjusted. But by the end of the season, I think a lot of these rooks will have names. Self-made.

This is a rare opportunity for this organization. We all remember Dallas making that blockbuster trade that netted them draft picks that won them 3 SB's. This is that kind of draft. This is that sort of time. This is that kind of moment. The time is now. B-O, got to G-O. We got a team to build, not a QB to groom.

What do you guys think? Should we trade Brock Osweiler/Keep him? Who would you trade with(MIN, CLE, HOU, ARI, who)? What would want? Who would you get/draft? Does Hillman go in the trade and we draft a back(cough Lache cough)? OHHH the possibilities! Its the offseason, and we need this one.

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