Horse Tracks: Finally, someone else is "All-In"

Jeff Bottari

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We've heard it for weeks, hell years now with Peyton Manning that the Denver Broncos are all-in.  Elway will do whatever he can to "win now" while sacrificing the cap and our team down the future.  WRONG.  I don't know how many times I can say it, but this team will be fine cap wise and the biggest reason why is how Elway and co. do their contracts.  Gone are the days huge bonuses prorated over the life of a ridiculously long contract.

I can't speak for NE because I don't know enough about their situation but I can almost guarantee that Hoodie and company are taking a similar approach.  Regardless it is amusing to see the MSM dub the team of the last decade "All-In".

Broncos had more cap room than we knew about...

Remember last week when everyone was saying "Broncos have 10 million in cap space?"  Well they and I were wrong.  Chris Kuper who added 4.1 million to the cap when he retired had yet to file his papers meaning he was still on the books with his contract.  In fact he didn't come off the books until Saturday when he filed his retirement papers.  This means for all intents and purposes that the money the Broncos used to pay Emmanuel Sanders came almost directly from Chris Kuper.  How much do the Broncos have left?  About 8-10 depending on the details of the 1st year on Sanders' contract.

What is wrong with the AFC West?

I'm going to turn the tables a bit here.  I've been around to other sites and something that our rivals keep echoing (almost to comfort themselves) is that you cannot buy a championship.  Talent doesn't equal chemistry.  Well, you know what?  I'll take the addition of some blue chip talent anyday over signing the likes of Joe Mays, Donald Brown, or even Lamar Woodley.

The rest of the West should be ashamed of themselves because they have done very little to improve.  Standing pat when your rival, who already was leaps and bounds better than you, has made obvious strides to improve is a losing formula.  Then again other teams' definitions of "competing" seems to be just to hang in there.  Thanks for standing pat AFC West, our brutal schedule will thank you when we can almost guarantee 5-6 wins just from you!


Last I heard DRC was visiting the Giants and would indeed be taking a physical today.  Does that mean he will join the Giants?  Who knows.  He visited the Jets last week and took a physical without leaving with a contract.  If I have a rooting interest here it would be for DRC to land with the Jets.  It will make things even more interesting when the Broncos and Jets face off this season.

Why sign this old C?

The Broncos have been rumored to be in play for vet center Will Montgomery (no relation to our own Kyle Montgomery...I think).  Montgomery was a starter the last three seasons under former head coach Mike Shanahan.  I know Manny derped the snap in the SB, but I thought he played pretty well and should be the starter going into 2014.  This is not the question though.  The question is which lineup is better?

1) Clady, Ramirez, Montgomery, Vasquez, Franklin

2) Clady, Franklin, Ramirez, Vasquez, Clark

For once, IM AT A LOSE....

Horse Tracks

John Elway enjoying the "arms race" with Patriots | ProFootballTalk
As Broncos General Manager John Elway checks off his offseason shopping list, there's no doubt who he's thinking about.Elway admitted after finishing his deal with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders that the Patriots were in his mind with every move he made this offseason.

Cowboys could be a wild-card for Jared Allen | ProFootballTalk
Free-agent Jared Allen is looking for a "fair contract" and a "chance to win." And yet he still could be interested in the Cowboys. As Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported earlier on Sunday, Allen did indeed visit the Seahawks on Sunday.

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EVP of Football Ops/GM John Elway discussed the Broncos' free agency moves so far Sunday afternoon.

Calvin Pace agrees to two-year, $5M contract with Jets -
Calvin Pace led the New York Jets with 10 sacks a season ago. The veteran outside linebacker was rewarded for that production with a new contract, according to Ian Rapoport.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie interests Jets, Giants -
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie might be choosing between the Jets and Giants as his next employer. Ian Rapoport reports both teams are hot on the cornerback's trail.

Emmanuel Sanders: 'No handshake' deal with Chiefs -
Emmanuel Sanders was introduced Sunday as the newest Bronco. That didn't stop questions about Ian Rapoport's report that the wide receiver's agent had an earlier agreement with the Chiefs.

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