Good morning MHR! Free agency thoughts / Favorite mock

Last week, my first post had over 35 comments and i liked the discussion it brought on. Thanks MHR for welcoming me on my first post. I wanted to follow up with my thoughts once we had made a few free agency moves, and WOW i had no idea this was coming.. If you told me we would make bigger moves than last year, i wouldn't believe you, and you cant tell me you thought we'd sign THREE of the best defensive players available.

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There would be no way we could sign T.J. Ward the gronk killer he would've wanted too much and other teams were in better shape to spend more on him. At first thought i didn't like the Aqib Talib signing and was pissed we let DRC go, but to take the Patriots player they were supposed to sign, for a little more than DRC turned down isn't bad. My first reaction, Hes NEVER finished an entire season. I think if he had a supporting role like here he will work out in the long run. Emmanuel Sanders, is the type of player we need. He seems like the PERFECT number 2 receiver for us. not a big possession redzone target, but a smaller faster play maker that Eric Decker wasn't and it really showed sometimes. Decker would struggle at times, but who doesn't. .... And last but not least DEMARCUS FREAKING WARE is the best signing since Manning. The league gave every team 10M a year extra(me and a friend talked about the stars aligning for Denver..(Roger Goodell)), and we get him. yes its alot, but it fills a need. it does more than fill a need.

Demarcus ware will make our line so much better. Before Von got hurt he was supposed to play his own role on our line. with Ware pot roast / Sly and Miller that looks way scarier. Im a huge derek wolfe guy, i hope he can get healthy and maybe him and Malik Jackson can play the other side of Ware when Miller isn't in. And that looks like one of the better lines in the NFL. to go along with the #1 offense of all time last year.

I hope we can address one of two positions before the draft to help us not be so needy during the draft. WHICHEVER position they feel they need. Ramirez was our C, the year before that a G so i'm not sure what they're going to do. there is so much talent in later rounds, some of my favorite guys , if the Guard from UCLA can fall to us thats perfect. if not Gabe jackson or Dozier in the 2nd. The other position being RUNNING BACK. are you telling me Montee ball is ready for 200+ carries? what about Hillman? i hope he doesn't get more than 50 carries honestly he fumbles and is more of a scatback. i know he was trying to put on weight but we didn't see any of him at the end of the year. C.j. anderson is unproven and isn't ready for a number two role he wasn't even our #3 last year. We wont end up signing one which makes me think who will they draft? the Talent isn't very strong, but its a deep class.

  • Terrance West from Towson, smaller FBS school is Intriuging. hes ready for a work load, and i'd like to see the broncos select him in the 4-5-6 round
2013 Towson 16 413 2,509 156.8 6.1

Thats right. 2500 freaking yards THIS YEAR

Now you cant pick every player you want in a mock, and you cant even draft for every need in most cases. i like this one alot because theres a lot of value players that i found in the later rounds. i did this on and its my favorite mock i have done so far.

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Kind of small, ill write picks, 2nd:OG David Yankey 3rd: CB Purifoy ILB Borland RB Kadeem Carey4thILB Smallwood QB aaron Murray 5th:CB antoine EXUM 6th: Jeff Janis WR 7th: Chaz Sutton DE

I traded out of the 1st and 2nd rounds because i saw nice trades available. if we hauled in this much talent i'd be so F'ing happy. almost perfect draft. not sure who to take with 2nd to last pick. if we find a small school talent who doesn't get selected lets pick him. Chaz sutton was just a who else should i pick, pick. lol

All of the different websites use a different prospect sheet or whatever, meaning players are ranked differently for different sites, Dri archer was listed as a WR in the draft above, and RB below.

Heres another on i feel like we got talent in this one but didn't fill the needs at OL








Would love to know who they will select in the first few rounds. its bugging me. please comment!!

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