Finally Sinks In. For me, at least.

Hi, Everybody!

(In Chorus: Hi, Dr. Nick!)

Anyway, enough with likely unappreciated Simpson's jokes... and apparently, self-burns. Woah there, me. I'm not unappreciated, I'm awesome. Just ask my ex.

So the Broncos have been making some great moves in Free Agency, once again. The unspoken needs to be spoken and emphasized so it isn't forgotten and worse, taken for granted - John Elway is an awesome football executive as much, if not more, than an awesome football player (some want to get into semantics here and specify QB - but because I'm into the whole brevity thing, I would have to pull a Lebowski quote in rebuttal: Yeah... well... that's just, like... your opinion, man.).

It sucks. That's a very poignant quote Champ made about his/Our situation. What else could be done though? Apparently either his agent wasn't willing to compromise (even talk?), or.... I'd like to think We told him something to the effect of 'the door is open for $1 mil/1 year contract, if you can't find something...' - the bottom line here is, you and I don't know what really went on (if anything) between Champ and the Broncos. To speculate is one thing, to argue and treat others horribly because you disagree with their stance is just effed up. Obviously, one would think, right? Yeah...

My only point there is, at that point, it was and still is the right thing to do. Champ would be well worth a 1 year/$2 or 3 mil. contract for Us. With the cap at this point now, with the awesome defensive additions, and the draft cap hit, yet to come (though I know We can still cut a couple/few for more room, and shoot, if We trade back outta the first, We could potentially not even have that huge of a hit from Our draft, overall.).

Personally, I'd really like to see Knwoshon Moreno come back. That kid has matured into a steadfast young man and, more importantly for Us Broncos fans last year, running back. If he would agree to a 1 year deal similar to that I described for Champ, I think it would suit him and Us very well. I can't believe the Broncos didn't opt into his one year extension on his rookie contract for 2 mil. Hm? That pretty much tells me We ain't re-signing him.

It's hard to expect what you and I would consider loyalty any more in the NFL. It will be rare to see players who only play for one team their entire careers from here on out, for the most part. Even kickers and punters get shopped in their advanced veteran stages. I was born in 1980. Growing up, I surely looked up to John Elway, but Steve Atwater was always one of my favorite players. By the time I was 17 (1997), Rod Smith had already started to give my subconscious an override, if you will, for Steve. When Atwater ended up not retiring, having only played for the Broncos and Smith retired a 'pure' Bronco (being undrafted and his work ethic and off the field demeanor also come into play - not to diminish any of Steve's efforts, don't get me wrong - he is and has been a bad @$$, too) - this basically sealed it, in my mind of a seventeen year old.

It was either just before, or just after the Portis trade that I started to look into the history of the Broncos. I mean, really look. It's been bouncing around my mind since then, and now with all this going on, I finally realize Floyd Little is, and always will be my all-time favorite Bronco. It's been said before, but like the Elway thing at the beginning...

If it weren't for Floyd Little, the Broncos would most likely not even be in Denver. He could have done a lot of things to play for a team that 'had a better chance' or whatever. He stayed orange and blue true, and still is, to this day.

Now, we're getting to present again (he said, as he came out of his acid trip). I see the phrase #1 fan, or "Biggest fan"... I really don't like this phrase. I find that it insults, literally every fan other than the one being referenced, in a sense. I sent a letter to the Broncos, asking for Pat Bowlen's autograph because of my over-analyzing of this phrase. If anyone is the Broncos biggest fan, it's got to be him for how much time, blood, sweat, tears, and yes, money, he's literally poured into the franchise. The fact that he takes part in, and, rich people giving back to their local communities is truly epic.

I attended the AFCCG, so I am part of a Broncos record. Which is cool. Most fans in attendance to a post-season game. I'll be able to hold onto that for a while. Alan Roach announced it over the stadium loudspeaker after the game. 44 no-shows.

Another one of the cool memories I have, is in pre-game warm-ups, the Broncos players selected the track listing for the songs being played over the stadium loudspeakers. The only reason I know that, is a fan asked the question and I want to say it was Karl Mecklenberg, or it might have been Alan Roach or Chris Hall,,, read the answer prior to the players coming out. When they did, there was a lot of rap, which I'm surely not partial to, but there was a Pearl Jam tune (Kyle and Sadaraine, and any other PJ fans) from their new album called "Getaway". I think Tamme's a PJ fan, but who knows... I was simply stoked going into the game knowing that one of the Broncos pays the (expletive deleted) to real music that I personally identify with. And stuff.

Then We just dominated NE. It was almost as dominant as the first half of the 2013 regular season game in Foxborough, if you know what I mean there. Then, the atmosphere was just astounding... I live in the metro area my entire life until December, 2006, so I was in Denver for both Super Bowl victories and the vibe after becoming AFC Champs was an extremely familiar feeling, celebrating that victory with random strangers, but fellow fans with a common goal/desire.

Now to my main point. I have been kind of taking a break from commenting recently. Still healing from the loss, I suppose. I've been reading, and rec'ing - but... I'm sure a lot of you know the exact feeling.

I was thinking. What if Manning had gotten hurt right at the tail end of the AFCCG? What if We had had two weeks to prepare with Osweiler, Our backup QB starting the SB?

I can pretty much guarantee you two things.

We would not have scored 8 points or less.

I don't think Our D/ST(and Offense, Doh!) Would have allowed 43 or more points.

Because of that added pressure on both (all three) sides of the ball. Think about it. I have come to the conclusion, that too many of Our guys were entirely too confident going into that game. If Oz had been starting, literally every player on the team would have been in that game thinking "I've got to do more than I would normally have to", and it would have been to the benefit.

Ha ha! Yeah, I could give you 'what if' guarantees all day... If you want to pay for 'em let me know. I don't really know, I'm just saying is all.

Well, that and those other thoughts had crossed my mind, and the whole Oz starting the SB, and how it would have made the team perform entirely different in SB 48 (one could argue that jitters would have taken worse effect, after all) were pertinent thoughts. Just wanted to share with the only ones I know who might care and have some cool insight, rebuttal, feedback, and/or positivity in general to share back.

Also took it as a sign that Knighton took number 98, The year We won Our first SB (though, technically it was the '97 season - M. Jackson's on the roster though!)... I really think things are aligning. Just watch. And yeah, you can talk about 'year of the Horse' which I can't disagree with, but I think it's team chemistry and talent. I hope Our injury woes have paid Our injury karma for the next season or two. It sure would be nice to have a consistent lineup of guys, most especially for the post-season. Well, until I comment below at some point... Go Broncos!!!

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