Post FA (except for the return of Moreno)Mock...

I liked the article bringing up the possibilty of having our draft picks plucked off the PS if we're not careful with them...great insight that I hadn't thought of. With that in mind and looking at how we handeled FA, I wanted another try at a Mock Draft. I'm still in favor of bringing Moreno back to work with Peyton for another year or two and think we can accomplish it by some cutting/restructuring with Dressen/Tamme/Robinson. Our O Line is my biggest concern, but we're getting Clady back, and my # 1 need is another outstanding guard to pair with Vasquez and someone to back up Rameriez. I don't see us spending a 1st or 2nd rd draft pick on an ILB... they just aren't on the field enough...I also think Steve Johnson is going to suprise some folks this year. We need depth on the D line and to develop for the future, and we also need another staring calibre CB, especially with the injury to Harris. We need to replace Holliday...Based on those thoughts as well as positions where guys could make the active roster and not be risked on the PS these are my thoughts... let me know what you think:

1st Rd, #31 - Xavier Sua Filo G UCLA... he fits our zone scheme better than any of the other high prospect guards out there and is an upgrade over Beadles...I just hope he's there when we pick. I could see the Cheifs or Bolts taking him as well.

2nd Rd, #63 - Stanley Jean Baptist 6' 3" CB Nebraska... Starts across from Talib from day one and we move Harris back to the slot which I think is his best position. Webster and Bolden become quality backups with more time to develop

3rd Rd, #95 - Christian Jones ILB Florida St ... A scheme flexible defender...we can try him at ILB if Johnson struggles. I think if he'd played his full career at ILB there's no way we get him this low and we still might not. If he slips this far, he's a bargin at a position of need.

4th Rd, #127 - Ben Gardner - DE Stanford... A 6'4" 275 player of the future. Strong and aggressive, still needs some time to recover from a torn pec his Sr yr...was a mauler before that. If not fully recovered, a possible stash on IR?

5th Rd, #191 - Caraun Reid DT Princeton... Ok 5/6/7th rds are a crap shyoot at best, but here's a 6'2" 302# guy that had 168 tackles, 41 for a loss, and 20.5 scaks for his career at Princton... inferior competition ? Yes, but he showed strong at the Senior Bowl practices and had two sacks in the game. Smart enough to pick up the game quickly ( Princeton) and maybe work into the rotation or provide backup for now.

6th Rd, # 191 - Corey Lindsley C Ohio State... 6'3" 296# backup center. Benches 500#'s, started 26 games the last two years with OSU. Solid as a rock, quick feet, great pass protector. We need someone behind Rameriez that can be delveloped as well as step in for an injury.

7th Rd, #223 -John Brown KR/WR Pittsburgh St... 5'10" 179#'s. Don't see him as a vaibale WR(too small, but he runs a 4.34 40, was a three time team captain, stops and starts on a dime, and hopefully has better hands than Holliday!

There you go... I see Su'a Filo and Baptist starting immediately, and everyone else providing good depth for now with the possiblity of being quality starters down the road. I keep wanting to put Jeff Janis in a WR ( from Siginaw St) but don't think he beats out any of our top 4 receivers, doesn't return Kicks, and then get's picked off our PS....Tell me what you think!

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