If You Were John Fox...



If you were John Fox, what would you (in hindsight) have done different last year?

I heard more than my share of the John Fox bashing during the year last year, and a whole lot more after the disgusted feeling we all shared following the SB. I'm NOT looking for more bashing of our Head Coach.

An excellent article by Patrick Lencioni in the Sports Business Daily describes what he has observed from his association with a number of NFL HC's. The following are a few excerpts from that article:

NFL head coaches hold the toughest CEO job in America!

Above all else, the scrutiny endured by a head coach is unmatched in corporate America. How many CEOs have so many of their decisions, large and small, second-guessed and analyzed by so many?

From newspaper reporters who have never coached or played the game, to former head coaches who get paid to make outlandish and critical statements on television, to angry fans calling radio stations... there is no other job more closely observed and discussed.

Coaches have no sense of obscurity or privacy. As if the scrutiny and job insecurity were not enough, the day-to-day responsibilities of an NFL head coach are beyond anything I see in business.

No CEO in America has so much direct responsibility for personnel management, strategy, tactics and public relations, and with so many assistant coaches, players and staff to manage, an NFL coach has more potential management challenges than any executive I’ve seen in the corporate world.

It is a wonder that anyone wants to be an NFL coach.

When it comes to the responsibilities of the job, Andrew Garda wrote a good article that talks about the following responsibilities...

Postgame analysis, Game planning, Practice, Game time, Schemes and formations, & Leadership abilities.

What I'd like to see is some input on what we think could be changed this year to insure that improvements are made in the critical areas that seemed to be lacking. If we can't come up with anything, then I figure that we don't have much business complaining, right?

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