Has John Elway Done Too Much?

"You just commented three times in a row to yourself." I said. "When will you stop your incessant, determined need to get people to respond to you in a negative way?" I continued, "Why not instead, DO SOME ACTUAL RESEARCH, and then bring us something that appeals to our needs!".


I want you to think about John Elway for a minute. Who the heck is HE 2 U? No one?

He's the guy who...

...Lost 3 SB's, and knows what THAT felt like! (And he just lost 1 more as an Executive!)

...Made sure that the last two years on the field, scored him the trophy!

...became one of the only guys in history to transition from the gridiron to the front office with a style that cannot be matched, and may never be!

...Decidedly set the standard for Maximum Football Team Excellence (MFte) before anyone else knew the boundaries. DID u GET MY DRIFT THERE? leading this team in a very methodical approach to excellence that cannot be stopped!!

...In short, John Elway/JE/"The Duke"/"The HeartBreak Kidd"/ , has decided to bring you more S B WINS as your GM/VP/Everthing Guy, then he did as your Hall, Ring, O, Fame QB did during his career.

Not to mention, John Elway Knows Football!

Now! Can we Quit? With the sceptical lack of faith in whether or not our "brain trust" is stupid or smart?

Most of the most ridiculous remarks I hear on this site are based upon an MIS-TRUST of John Elway, pure and simple!

Just think of how STUPID Peyton would have been to turn John Elway's offer DOWN!?!

Just think of the moves JE has made during his brief 3, going on forever, years here?!?

So Far, during his second appearance on this team - I want to know "Where in the heck have you seen him attempting to make us fail", IN ANY WAY???

FOR: the negative Nellies on the site;


It's high time for us all to begin measuring the changes in our team based upon the guidance we have in place. And if U Don't view the Changes as being VP (very positive), then you need to adjust your basic POV!

There is SO MUCH to be thankful for! What's with tolerating any negativity at all? Sure, there are issues, but get a grip on reality. Your insecurities may be based upon your lack of faith in who is actually controlling the future of this team.

I'm happy that I don't have that problem!

If my biggest problem is the fact that we lost 3 regular season games, then I suspect that I'll die happy!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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