2014 Opening of LA-LA-LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I've been through what happened before....but...but...I just can't get used to it. I hate it so much. I hate what happened...I just hate it...I just do. but

Life must move forward...I'm trying to convince myself that this is true. It is so hard, so hard....but it must be so. I am trying so hard... I must move forward. I must move towards opening LA-LA-LAND despite the memory. It is so hard...I am still so depressed.

I'm pulling out of it by thinking of Karl, 12th round pick that never gave up. I can do that! I can look towards next year!

What is Pre-Season? I mean really! What is it? When does it start!!

Pre-Season, when I started following the Broncos, was something that you heard nothing of unless you lived in a city, that had a team, and the local newspaper would give you little snippets.. Back then Baseball was America's favorite past-time and football didn't even hit the radar of interest until Pre-Season games began. Oh My God!!! How old am I? Do I have to say this again? I have been a Bronco Fan for 52 years. How is this possible? How did I get this old?

Somewhere during this aging process I've been looking at things I'm not sure if I love or hate,, This "Cable TV thing" this ESPN thing, then this thing called internet.

Its funny!

AFL pre-season was something that you knew was happening sometime in July or August...but now...when does pre-season start? Is it "PRE-DRAFT?" I mean I've been seeing one "Mock Draft" after another. I mean with cable TV, ESPN, and now the internet...where does next season begin?

For all the new members that don't know me, oh well !! I am MHR's true 'Village Idiot' ...
My posts rarely make sense, only sometimes involve football, yet there is not a bigger fan of the Denver Broncos than I.

Well, here we go again!!!

That wonderful Free-Agent, Draft, and Pre-Season time of year where anything is possible. Many of you, that have been around a while, are familiar with the 'somewhat-very-optimistic approach I like to take while we are undefeated, tied for first, and headed for the Super Bowl until we ain't. However, there have been so many new members join that I feel a need to bring light on the occasional mention of La-La-Land, where it came from, and why.

La La Land is short for, "La-La-Land-of-Pre-Season-Feel-Goods," it is not a ticket for checking your brain out with a mouse-click, it was meant to keep things positive during Pre-Season. My first experience with 'blogging' (or making comments at least) was at an MSM's web site. I was bewildered and shocked by the meaningless and negative peeuuke that filled the comments of virtually every article. I had such a bad experience that I thought this 'blogging thing' was for idiots or worse. The time was when Shanny replaced Jake before the Seattle game, I made a comment that went something like this, "Despite the loss I think we have a great shot at the Super Bowl with Cutler's arm." I was wrong, but when someone countered my comment by explaining that I was living in some sort of 'La La Land.' I can't remember who it was so I can safely say that it was his fault. However, it wouldn't surprise me if he (or she) is also a member, now, of MHR.

Anyway, after the season, La-La-Land-of Pre-Season-Feel-Goods is something I used in comments to fight off the negative something' that filled Denver Post's site. Shortly after that I discovered MHR and was shocked by the clarity of articles written by Guru, styg, HT, and others--and even more shocked by the friendly atmosphere in the comment sections. The funny thing is--I can't remember what it was--where as 'The Land' had been my shield whenever someone attacked me I had people agreeing with me (go figure). I was having a great time when something happened....enter Zappa (Tim Lynch)...preaching 13-3 Baby...MHR's historian....and making lots of sense.

I'd like to take credit for the then popularity of La-La-Land (where I live and was definitely a part) but truly the 'Land' would have never taken roots had not Zappa stepped in and secured the thought.

Zappa (sorry Tim you'll always be Zappa to many) apparently got bored one afternoon and decided to write a Constitution for La La Land.' You gotta love Zappa. I may have stacked the wood--but he threw on the gas and lit the flame--the rest is history.

For fun, and being MHR's official Village Idiot, I should once again, for all new members, post the " Constitution for La La Land" ....

We have all heard about La La Land, but here is your official guide to La La Land. A Constitution of sorts. Or perhaps a guide to true happiness.

1. Anything that is not good concerning the Broncos, shall not be discussed.

2. All predictions of the future must be approved by Mike Clark or Zappa.

3. Feelings such as; despair, sadness, anger, frustration, pessimism, or any other negative feeling is forbidden while in La La Land.

4. The Broncos rule all.

5. Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs have foul odor.

These rules, amendments, guidelines or whatever you want to call them are to be followed diligently at all times while visiting or residing in La La Land. Anyone found to be in violation of these rules shall be deported immediately to the Real World of misery and despair. Repeat offenders will be dealt with by Chuck Norris.

La La Land national motto: 13-3 Baby!

La La Land national mascot: Orange and Blue Kool Aid Man, Oh Yeaahhhh!

La La Land national anthem: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I hope you have found this guide to be helpful and informative. May the Broncos be with you.

As it worked out, not even the optimism of La-La-Land that season could plug the holes in our defense. While Cutler and BMarsh were having Pro-Bowl seasons, our offense at times unstoppable, our defense let whoever wanted to run on us do it at will. Of course we all remember the three game lead, with three games to go, how it ended, but I am sure none of us foresaw Shanny getting fired and and the turmoil of the coming off-season.

With all the negatives that had been thrown at all Bronco fans I really, and mean really, just about gave up on this team I've loved since 1962. All the positive thoughts I had thrown into a season had been succumbed by a defense that couldn't stop the team we needed, very much needed, to stop just one team in the final three weeks. Hmmm,dejavualloveragain .....

(Now I say, "Peyton will do it!")

Anyway, as I think about all the happens that failed season, all the negatives that would soon follow, something special (that I hope never stops) was born. A 'La-La-Land' that carried into the season. During that season some very special artwork came to life...

I'm sure you've seen this:


This is the creation of one of my favorite members known as Silverblood. She, at that time, had been hauled off to England. She says for schooling, but I think she really wanted to pick up an accent. Anyway, during that period she got caught up with me and Zappa being over-enthusiastic and created this avitar to be part of our zeal. My forever thanks to Silver!! Any of you new members are welcome to use this is not mine alone, it was created by Silver.

After that came the great creation of DavusX. He also got trapped into the ultimate positive thoughts of La La Land and created the ultimate Banner:


If you want to watch it in its full wonderful motion go here:

This banner can be used by anyone that believes!!

I had a great piece written here about our Super Bowl victory........I am so glad I didn't post that before the game.

Anyway, as is my custom,



13-3 Baby until we ain't!

Playoffs here we come until we don't!

Super Bowl until its not!

Go Broncos!!!

As I'm about to send this I find out that my Mother has become very ill. Please ask God for help...I love her so much!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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