Gambles and Risks

As we sit here in the middle of free agency, it appears we are ready to take a few serious gambles and a few others that are not as risky

Serious Risks/Gamble #1:

Letting Moreno walk

1. We have put all our money on Montee Ball, who is a good young back. But it did take him half a season to really contribute and he certainly didn't appear to be at the same level as Eddie Lacy (Who Denver passed on because of toe issues). After the season Lacy had, it appears his toes are just fine.

2. Do we really trust Ronnie HIllman? If yes, what on earth is that based on. He is a small scat back who has trouble hanging onto the rock. We didnt even suit him for most games, yet as of now his our RB2....frightening proposition.

3. Maybe we trust CJ Anderson, honestly we don't know enough about him to judge. Hopefully he pans out as our RB2

4. We didn't make an offer to keep Knowshon Moreno, we let him walk, which seems strange. He bleeds orange and blue, produced as a top ten back last year, 26 years old, he knows our system and he is the best pass catching back on our team. Its obvious we didn't value Knowshon......if Ball gets hurt or cant carry the load, we will regret this move.

5. Now we have to draft an rookie Running back and hope he pans out. We had Moreno to be the RB2 and instead we would rather go young.

Serious Risk #2

Not Finding a good MLB

1. We appear to either be ready to draft a MLB and hope that he picks it up quick enough or even more scary we appear ready for another year of what can Nate Irving do? We should understand that Irving and Steve Johnson are just back ups. But we seem to stubbornly be hoping for more.

2. Letting Wesley Woodyard walk: Was it injury or performance? Was Paris Lenon really better? Woodyard obviously thinks hes a starting MLB and so do the Tennessee Titans. Time will tell, still a big roll of the dice

Risk #3

Replacing Decker with Sanders

1. This one should pan out, but its still some risk. Decker like Moreno bled blue and orange. Good route runner, good blocker, good speed, made tough catches and produced TD's like few in the NFL. We are assuming that Sanders will pick up our system and be able to produce like Decker and stretch the field more than Decker. Though Decker and D. Thomas each had 19 plays longer than 20 yards to lead the Broncos, we are assuming that Sanders is an upgrade. I am not so sure.

2. For those who keep saying how much faster Sanders is.....he times out at 4.41 and Decker is a 4.56. When Decker tied for the lead with 19 plays over 20 yards (in the top 10 in the NFL), he didn't seem to lack speed or elusivness. For whatever reason we didnt seem to value Decker and we failed to even make Decker an offer. If the offense suffers with Sanders and Welker can't regain his form......our offense will slip considerably.

Risk #4

Putting money on Welker over Decker

1. Welker is scheduled to make 6 or 8 million this season. Anyone who watched him play with the helmet from spaceballs when he came back can't be confident that he will return to be the same guy. I hope he does, but over the last 7 years he has taken a world of punishment going over the field. Decker is 26 and Welker 33 or 34. We very well may regret this move. We could have kept Decker and still added Sanders, but we are gambling on Welker.

Risk #5

Keeping Dreesen and Tamme

1. Paying both guys over three million a season and letting Moreno walk was crazy.

2. Julius Thomas is a beast, but he can't block his own shadow.....three Tight ends should be plenty.

Risk #6

Not Asking or Getting Manning to restructure his 17.5 million dollar salary.

1. For Manning it should be about one thing, winning the Superbowl. Nothing else matters. He could have freed up space to add other players or to keep Moreno, and maybe Woodyard and Phillips.


Ware: A plus signing, hall of famer, if Miller become Miller again it is a massive upgrade to our pass rush and defense

Ward: Young Atwater style safety...Love it, huge upgrade

Talib: Injury history worries me but he shut down D. Thomas and many other number 1s. I like DRC but Talib does appear to be an upgrade.

Beadles: Not worth the money...enjoy Jacksonville

Phillips: Not worth the money, but he was good band aid for a year

Moreno: Foolish release we will miss him

Decker: Can't believe we didnt make an offer, big gamble, could bite us next year

Woodyard: Foolish release, a hard nosed linebacker.....we should have kept him or at least made an attempt.

Here's hoping all of our gambles pay off and that Wolfe, Harris, Miller and Moore's injuries heal 100%. We will need them to reach the Superbowl and win next year.

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