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Been waiting to post! Took some time please read my opinions! Thanks MHR!

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For three days i have waited to post. I used to lurk around anonymously until someone pissed me off with a horribly thought out mock draft. They liked certain players and had them falling tremendously(to us), for all of our needs. Thats unrealistic and until free agency hits March 11th who really knows what our top needs are? The draft was pushed back another MONTH this year, seems unruly to Broncos fans, but that may give us more time to decide on whos right in the draft.

Now for starters me and my friend(Only Broncos fan that lives close enough to hold a logical convo) wanted an almost all defensive draft, why? Well we had the #1 offense in the history of, ever. And got demolished in the superbowl. Now thats just one game, embarrassing but we did have a decent season. Its hard to play with an offense like that. I never said its easy to lose, but they score in a flash and you better be ready to go. Our secondary was awful last year, and we all know our linebackers are more or less horribly sown together. Middle linebacker has been bugging us for years now. Our Defensive line has its problems, people are talking draft a DT. why? we have Terrance knighton, Slyvester Williams, and Vickerson. That is SOLID.. drafting a DT for the future wouldn't hurt, but i thought we were looking at right now.

I had a few nice mock drafts on my own ill post results , and ill do one while im posting this. As of now before free agency our main needs are DEFENSE. When Clady returns from injury, Chris clark was solid in his place. Beadles is going to walk unless he takes a smaller contract , Ramirez should be moved to LG unless they think hes a good C. Franklin is very slow and can get beat often. Lets move him to Right Guard? just a thought? Chris Clark was excellent. how about a shot at RT?

needs LB, S, CB, , C , DE/DT ? (off the top of my head, different players effect position)


We need a ILB but Kyle Van noy would be awesome to pair with Von. Move trevathan to ILB

value player -C.J. Mosley - I think we could mix our linebackers around, maybe mosley does fit as a ILB but in my mind Trevathan would fit the mold of a ILB and Mosley is literally a OLB. people keep neglecting that hes an outside linebacker. but one of the best talents in the draft


Borland- could be a steal in the second round, in a mock draft i had selected Mosley in the first round and Borland in the second round. Crazy? yes but we wouldn't complain about ILB or any LB for a long while.

Shazier- Maybe a first round talent. i watched some film, hes a good LB would be perfect if he fell to second round.

Smallwood- This kids a little raw as well, and if he could fall to us in the 3rd or if no one better is available we could select him in the 2nd

Skov- Not fully sold on him. he looks good against the run but could be a bust, just feel weird.


Now unless someone of Value falls to us, like Calvin Pryor or Clinton Dix, im not sure we will take a Safety in the first round. Im Very high on Deone Bucannon, and if you haven't heard of him i think he would be perfect in our defense, but he will go in the first on the second round.

Calvin Pryor should be the second off the board, after Clinton-Dix, but if he falls i bet he wouldn't fall past us.


a few Solid CBS this year, i haven't done a whole lot of research on the top two because i dont think they will be available. Gilbert, and Dennard would love to be Broncos if other teams wont pick them first

Roby- would fit very well as a Second rounder, and maybe a reach in the first if our needs were still high.

Verrett- Guy seems a little small. dont get me wrong hes fast can still make plays but we have a Chris harris i dont want undersized CBs

Marcus Roberson/ Purifoy- Roberson if a potential first rounder because of his ceiling, he was hurt in 2013 i dont think as highly of Roberson as i do on Purifoy.

I thought Purifoy could be a first rounder before all of the mocks came out. but after looking into him i think hes an awesome 2nd round value for us.

"Purifoy is so fast and such a dangerous play-maker, the Gators are planning on playing on offense at wide receiver as well as at cornerback in 2013. Florida says he will play more corner than anything, but if the team's young receivers don't step up, Purifoy will be prepared for double duty."

Kyle Fuller- Stud , not a 1st round but 2nd-3rd value.

Kyle MCGILL- kids a solid player. not many interceptions, but passes defended, run defense and potention 4th round value.


Kind of a toss up for me honestly. While we have guys like Shaun Phillips, and Derek Wolfe, we have Von miller who was supposed to play in his own position last year before injured. LEO? or something? Quanterius Smith has potential to be a role player, and MALIK JACKSON was a stud potential 3rd DE behind Phillips/Wolfe and Miller. and he and wolfe should be on about level playing field now. I dont see a huge need for DE maybe in the free agency or later rounds.

1st- Carl bradford is rising up draft boards, and i think could be PERFECT. hes a run stopper and a pass rusher.

just found out about him not going to lie but watch some film!!

Offense- center in the first round is a reach, second round would be amazing with swanson.

Running back in the 2-3-4 round not sure who they have eyes on. Toby Gerhart out of free agency would be awesome to complement Montee Ball

C- we could take a Guard and leave Ramirez at C but i dislike that idea.

Travis Swanson is the #1 prospect in most eyes and would be a decent pick at #31 if we end up moving some people around.
Stork- I cant remember his first name but looked at him and hes a value player will be a good later round pick

any of these guys would excell as a Bronco. Not sold on Hillman unless hes gotten bigger and stayed fast, C.j. is unproven.

3rd round would be perfect to evaluate which RB is best value pick and see if we can pick him.

Sankey Hyde Mason Carey Seastrunk

Every Mock draft i do i draft Jeff Janis in the last round. hes a stud from a small school but has tools and size to excell under manning. we could pick him up in the 5-6-7 rounds not exactly sure where but hes going to be a bronco.

What do you think? Comment your mocks and ideas i like reading them

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