You've just entered the TRAUMA WARD..

This is a fitting name for an Old school, Hard hitting Safety like T.J. Ward. But, I'm not just talking about him. We have four highly aggressive players in the backfield an one that is not aggressive by nature but plays aggressive in spurts.. I also have one player that could break out as a Trauma Ward candidate.

So can these players soon to be named Make a Trauma Ward out of our back end? First, lets take a gander at the word Trauma.

Trauma- A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

You see, John Elway being politically correct used the words toughness or physical in interviews when describing what he wanted to bring to our backfield.. Now, him being the aggressive competitor that he was on the field an the aggressive competitor that he is as our General manager couldn't say what he really wanted to. I believe if he didn't have to worry about politically correctness, his interview's would've went something like this.

So Mr. Elway, what type of backfield do you want to build? The Duke would say, do you really wanna know? Okay then, I want our backfield to be a MF TRAUMA WARD!!!! Our corners will punch you in the mouth with their coverage and willingness to tackle and our safeties will stone cold Steve Austin Stun you with their hits. Anything else u wanna know? No, good, I gotta go make this thing happen.. An he really did make it happen my Bronco Fanatics.

Lets look at the players who can really make our backfield a real trauma ward, a place where opponent's will have a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, Kayvon Webster an Rahim Moore.

T.J. Ward plays like an Old school safety, highly aggressive who can tackle well an lay's the wood to whoever comes in his path.

Aqib Talib plays like you slapped his momma in front of him. He plays angry an also highly aggressive, tackles very willingly an IMO is a lock down corner.

Chris Harris I love, more so because he's already a Bronco, but also because he started from the bottom now he's here, DRIZZY, sorry I had to.. He's plays like a lion, fearless, it doesn't matter who's in front of him, he will cover an tackle. He also highly aggressive..

Rahim Moore plays like a passive aggressive person, there's games where he lays the big hits an is around the ball but never consistent at playing aggressive in respect to his FS position.. I think Ward an what ever competition we bring in at FS, an the fact that it's a contract year for him, will cause him to turn his game on highly aggressive full time..

Kayvon Webster plays like a hungry Indian Gray mongoose, the mongoose's that fight an kill Venomous snakes . He's Eager to defend is territory not just by playing against whoever with high confidence, but taking any opportunity he gets, to lay someone OUT. An going into his second year, I believe his highly aggressive nature coupled with his experience from last year will thrust him into being a very Good player..

Quinton Carter is my breakout player that can compete an if healthy overtake the FS position. Quinton when he over took Rahim as the starter alongside Brian Dawkins in 2011, played very well.. He plays like a snapping turtle, not very fast but fierce an highly aggressive.. He is a big hitter an a ball hawk, he played like that in college an we got a taste of it in his short time as a starter. If he can come back healthy, I believe he would be our starter at FS by the end of training camp. He is that good, I think some us forgot how good he really is. he could very much have that Julius Thomas story line.. Hindered by a nagging injury but gets healthy an BREAKS OUT like Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz..

I'm a Net Geo Wild junkie, that's why I used animal analogies for some players.

So there it is Bronco fanatics, The Duke has created an unfortunate place that opponents will have play in every time we take the field. An that Place Is called The TRAUMA WARD!!

I don't even want to get into what the front end players will be doing.. I will leave you with a one word hint though, RAMPAGE!! Just like the old school arcade game.. Shoot, when this team hits it's stride defensively we might have to name them, The Graveyard, cause opposing players will be checkin out during the game(figuratively speaking of course)..

Oh yea, an the draft is soon to come..

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