The VonWare Effect.

I haven't seen these comments on M.H.R, but some people really believe that DeMarcus Ware is washed up. I know one thing, he doesn't believe that theory an made a statement to those who spew that foolishness out of there mouths. He said, "People can say what they want, tell them to get in front of me an see if they can block me, then we'll go from there".. You can read the rest on Dallas news.

Some say he's on the wrong side of thirty an while that maybe true from an aging standpoint, he sure enough signed with the right team, our team, the one an only Denver Broncos. Why? Because Ware has never in his illustrious career played along side another elite pass-rusher an generational player like Von Miller. An the same can be said about Von, he's never played across from a HOfer period. Elvis, while I loved him for his leadership an talent, he is no where near the caliber of player Ware is.

In 2013, you can say both Ware an Von had a down year. Ware because of injury an Von because of off the field woe's an injury. Let's face it though, the only real reason why we say they had a down year, is because we expect so much from them. An that's a good thing, because they do so much given that they were blessed with an abundance of talent. An now, they get to used that talent to complement each other with the same goal in mind, make every team pay for lining up against us..

So what kind of effect will they have against other teams. I call It, The VonWare Effect. See, no matter how opposing coaches slice it, there's no way to account for both of them. There's simply not enough linemen or TE's to go around an still defend the big boys in the middle. An we all know the fastest way to the QB is straight up the middle.. Wait one second though, pass-rushing is not all of it. The two players are supreme in run stopping as well.

In 2012(I used 2012 as the closet season to get a fair look at there run stopping %) Ware and Von both rated high in their run stop percentage's.. According to Football Outsiders, Von was rated at 87% an Ware was rated at 83%. Amongst those two, only Ahmad brooks was in front of Von an Anthony Spencer in front Ware. To me, this shows that when healthy they are consistently a big part of helping out stopping the run. We have two players who by themselves can take over a game in both the run stopping an pass-rush department, an its really not fair. Sorry though, because there wont be any tear shedding over here.

I hear people say they love challenges an that's cool, but I have a question. What coaches in their right mind, want to take on the challenge of game planing for Both D.Ware an V. Miller?? Anyone have the answer? Me! me! me! I know, pick me! Okay, go ahead Musical. I say, nobody. That's right, now sit down an let me finish this. You see folks, nobody can possibly have a counter affect to the VonWare Effect, its simply too much to overcome. Even last year in their down year, Von an Ware still had games were us fans fist pumped with high excitement an opposing coaches gritted their teeth in frustration.

The VonWare Effect, affects us aswell, in a good way of course. It can cause our big hogs in the middle to get maybe more one on ones, it also gives our up an coming pass-rushers a chance learn better technique and it can improve our Oline's pass-blocking ability by going against them in practice everyday. Also remember, the front-end an back-end work together, an with the VonWare Effect happening, our DB's will benefit big time. I really expect a better year defensively than the one we had in 2012 an 2012 was a fun year to watch our defense.. Now I'm a go get a new York slice an watch some 2012 games on NFL replay and ponder some possibilities..

P.S., all that yap yap you hear about we are the next "dream team", Throw it to the birds.. This is no dream but reality that's about to take place. I'll chalk that "dream team" quote up to The VonWare Effect.

MILE HIGH SALUTE to the DUKE for making this possible. John Elway doesn't believe in a chauffeur, he'd rather drive his own Ferrari..

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