FA To The Draft...A Conversation

IMO, the Broncos need to draft a 3 down MLB. They let Woody go and he was our nickel LB which means he spent at least 65% of the snaps on the field and we ain't got no-one on the roster to replace him.

So, after FA, Elway is sittin' down with his HC Fox, DC Del Rio and OC Gase;

Elway: OK, whadda we need now?

Del Rio: I wanna a 3 down MLB and some depth on the backend...You let Woody walk and I ain't got no nickel LB

Elway:Hey Jack, I tried to get your Player in FA, but they all wanted too much money...I'm gonna draft your guy!

Del Rio: OK, I like Mosley or Shazier ...Got get one or the other!

Elway: I don't think Mosley's gonna be there at the bottom of the 1st and Shazier might not be either.

Del Rio: So trade up to get one or the other...I'd prefer Shazier ' cuz he's got a nasty streak

Elway: He's on the small side but I like NASTY

Del Rio: Don't worry 'bout him bein' a little undersized...He can add at least 5-8 lbs & we'll park a couple of freight trains in front of him!

Elway: Whadda you mean by 'Freight Trains' Jack?

Del Rio: C'Mon John...You know what I mean. I'm gonna put some really big A$$E$ on the DL: Pot Roast, Big Vick, Sly & Unrein to handle the OL...Shazier will be fine and did I mention that he has a nasty side?

Elway: I like nasty, I also like big A$$E$, but that's beside the point!

Del Rio: So John, you gonna get me my MLB, 'cuz our Man ain't on the roster yet?

Elway: What was that Jack? I'm kinda stuck on 'Big A$$E$'

Del Rio: Focus now John, I want my 3 down MLB and if you hafta trade up to get him, I'm OK with that!

Elway: C'mon Jack, ya know that we don't usually trade up or reach for Players...Except we did reach for Hillman and Webster and OK a few others, but we didn't reach for Von.

Del Rio: That's cuz you were drafting #2 Overall in the 1st rnd! Drafting Von was 'Can't Hardly Miss'!

Elway: Yeah, I know...I just like to inject a little levity into these discussions. OK, I'll try to get your MLB early but I'm also likin' this Brock Coyle outta MT in the later rounds or UFA...Ya know I lived in Missoula for awhile when my Dad was a Coach there. We've also had some good Players from the later rounds...Danny T took over Woody's spot and it ain't easy replacin' your Woody!

Del Rio: Yeah, Woody was good but we need Woody's replacement!

Elway: How can you replace your Woody? Sorry, I'm thinkin' 'Big A$$E$' again, which makes me think of Woody for some reason."

Gase: I need a new 'Big A$$' on the OL...I wanna move Franklin to LG and get a new RT...Some good Players in the 2nd Rnd."

To Be Continued...!

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