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While I love a good mock draft as much as the next guy (or gal) that has too much time on my hands, or is too easily sidetracked, it really is a crap shoot to try and peg who is going to do what, and who is going where. However, what is less of a crap shoot is what each team needs, and who they may be targeting to satisfy that need. First, let me start by saying that is something like this: happened in round one I would wet my pants. I may wear a diaper through the first 10 picks or so on May 8th just in case.

I am shooting for a more measured approach to what I think the Broncos will do in a couple of weeks. I believe in no particular order we have a need at CB, LB, OL, S, RB, WR and pass rusher (because every team always has a need there). Although I believe the Broncos have 7 areas of need, I think it unlikely they will just go after these players only. Additionally, I see our roster in such a way that it may be unlikely for 7 rookie draft picks to make it on the roster (even more so when you factor in the near certainty that one UDFA will rise up out of nowhere to demand a spot on the roster). So I will use their draft slots for the seven picks and I will use different rating sources to determine who is on the board. I will use a +/- 10 slot window, and will identify for each round which source I used. So here goes, and feel free to agree or disagree. I have thick skin, and it is a obscure blog post . . .

#31 Xavier Su’a-Filo, G, UCLA (SI64 #27)

I think he may be gone before our pick, but if he is there he will be a guy that can impact our team from day 1. He is mean and nasty, which is what we need up front. I expect us to trade down, but if this guy is there, and I get the call to be GM for a day, I say yes to X.

#63 Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson (SI64 #59)

Quick, athletic corner who can cover well in man, long rangy arms, a step slow on his 40 time. Can play outside but better served in the slot, may grow into a #1 corner at some point. Sounds like Chris Harris to me, I say yes.

#95 Chris Borland MLB, Wisconsin ( #99)

His numbers are not great, his measurables are not great, but have you seen the video of him stoning Carlos Hyde at the goal line? There is no 40 yard dash in shorts in the NFL. I'll take my MLB with some mud, blood and guts on his uni.

#131 Christian Jones ILB, Florida State ( #124)

Our issues at ILB are greater than the brass wants to let on so we double up at this position. Plan is for one of these guys to win a starting job, and my money is on this guy.

#171 Cody Hoffman WR, BYU (Walter Football WR#23, round 4-6)

Not spectacular at anything, but pretty good at everything. I see him as a poor man's Decker. Good hands, descent speed, but not the route runner that Decker was. He gets a shot at showing that he can take over the #2 spot when Sanders moves inside in 2015.

#207 Brett Smith QB, WYO (Yahoo Sports #203)

I see him as Johnny Football lite. He is just too good to pass up here. He gets a shot to unseat Dysert.

#246 Morgan Breslin DE, USC (Walter Football #18 DE, round 5-7)

This guys is an animal when he is healthy. He is not big, does not have great measurables, but just works hard and makes plays. A smaller version of Wolfe)

So there you have it, that is my version of what the Broncos should do in a couple of weeks. Some names I hope we look at in the UDFA market include Jake Murphy (TE, Utah), Chaz Sutton (DE, South Carolina), James Wilder Jr (RB, FSU), Silas Redd (RB, USC), Deion Belue (CB, Alabama) and CJ Barnett (S, Ohio State).

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