Ealy at 31 actually makes sense. And I'll give you 10 reasons.

Ware, Ealy, Knighton, Jackson, Von.

Kept ringing in my head. WARE, Ealy, KNIGHTON, Jackson, VON. Couldn't sleep for thinking of combinations, blitz packages, stunts, and on and on. Don't get me wrong, if Mosley is there we should storm the podium. Shazier, ok, I can dig it. Calvin Pryor, Forget About it aye! It would be nice to stop 'Dreamin' and wake up to some plays being made by a ball hawking, athletic, head hunter. But the more I let it sit on brow, I think .....Ealy.

Yes he has his deficiencies. Not good against double teams(how many DE's are). His pass rush moves are limited. He's not stand out against the run. His frame lends to him getting high sometimes(no ghanja), thereby exposing said frame. He doesn't square his shoulder to the LOS(whatever that means). He may take to coaching a little slower than I would like(that's just my personal opinion I haven't read anywhere just my own observation). I mean you can look up his negatives all you want. I'm not here to really even harp on his positives either. I just want to make sense out of him as a viable option high on the Broncos board. Mind you, I don't think he should make it to us. And if we trade back, I'd likely be just as, or more ecstatic (depending on who we pick). But Ealy should be on the table and a true consideration in the 1st round.

1. BPA - I agree with Rodney its a myth. Drafts are the cheapest way to strengthen your weaknesses. But according to the consensus on this site, we can afford luxury our 1st pick(cause we're stacked). I personally don't think the roster is SET. I disagree with just about everybody on it being stacked. We got so many question marks and contracts coming due I can write another post on them, but I'll save you the reading time. I will state though, with the 1st pick you need to have someone who would be a stand out. And the reason, if I'm Elway, I would earmark Mosley(maybe Shazier), Pryor, and Ealy is because of the Dynamic they can add(see #'s 3,4, 7, and 9). If those guys don't fall, trade back. Unlike some believe or like to think, we DO need the picks.

2. Options - We have our starting 3 CB's and a reserve but need more. We can wait. We have 5 DT's if you include Wolfe, but with contracts coming due we need more, but we can wait. We actually have a slew of LB's. Just not cover LB's. We can wait. 4 safeties but might need a FS for depth. So we can wait. We have 3 backup tackles. I want "Tiny" in the 1st 2 rounds, but who will we cut? Can wait. We got options for every other position pretty much(Jeff Janis, Kevin Norwood, Dontae Johnson, Avery Williamson, Brock Coyle, Ed Reynolds) from the 4th round and later, we just need more picks. We even got options, yes, at DE/OLB. But none that have Ealy's size. Does size matter? Well if Hillman was a natural 205, we might not have Montee Ball.

3. 1st Step - For His Size he has the best 1st step in this draft class. He ran a horrible 40(4.92). But had a good 10-yard split at 1.66. For a man toting 275 lbs, that's moving. And 6.83 3-cone means he's quicker than fast.

4. Athleticism - In fact, if you watch him, he doesn't look like he's 275. He moves like he's 250. 3-4(San Fran) Teams are seriously considering him as an OLB, because of how he moves. He's not Clowney in space, but he's very capable of being Aldon Smith in the open field. A player he draws eerie comparisons with(along with Michael Bennett who we all are too familiar with). Our problem last season was no one with quick pressure to the QB due to the loss of Doom. Got Ware. But whose behind him?

5. Who spells Ware and Von? - Me personally, I think it would be borderline mental to ask Ware to play more than 60-65% of the snaps with a week 4 bye. That's asking for trouble. Because though he has an excellent injury history, he's been hurt off and on for several seasons. Q showed he can hold his own against an NFL caliber RT, but those guys are different than NFL LT's. I think he should be a stud personally. But the key word is 'think'. Until then, he's no more than an experiment so it's hard, for me, to count him as quality depth behind Ware to take a possible 40-35% of the snaps and provide quick edge pressure consistently on the blindside. McCray could replace Von, but really, he can't Replace Von. He doesn't have such a pass rushing prowess. In fact when he got hurt in the preseason, he was at ILB. But if you think he can provide half the pass rush Von does, you need to step away from the kool-aid please. Somebody that can though, is Q. But who spells Ware then?

6. Ware can Mentor more than Von - Ware could literally mentor both Q. Smith and Kony Ealy to take the reigns from him. Ware is similar in size to Q, and Ealy can play high at times like Ware, so he can show him how to use that to his advantage. Q's price drops 3 years from now, and so does Ealy's, because rotations should limit some of their production, while maximizing Ware's availability and impact. ESPECIALLY in the Playoffs. If both blossom, Ware is gone in 2. If they don't, give em a third Moreno chance to see if the light switches on. Regardless, Q and Kony are far more competent/capable at pass rush then say Ayers and even Phillips(IMO). So we could have a capable pass rush for the rest of Manning's contract but at rookie prices.

7. 5-2, Whatcha gonna do? - Like I stated above, that line up would be fierce. But I base it off Ealy's burst. If Ware is beside him it automatically covers Ealy's flaws. It essentially becomes a race to the QB giving the pup an inside track. Think about it. Can you shift protection right(to Von)? That leaves your LT between Ware, and the rook with a mean first step like the 1st 20 seconds(2 plays in this highlight). He won't need the blitz like the highlight though because Knighton has the C and LG no question. Do you shift protection away from Von and Jackson/Wolfe? Um, no. And I know the 1st thing some are thinking. With Q Smith it would be the same. Or Chris Smith. Marcus. Yeah, but when that guard peals off Knighton to help he's pealing into 275 lbs with a full head of steam, not 250. But Will Clarke, and Kareem Martin are big. Yeah, but they don't have Ealy's 1st step or motor. I watched both, and they tire. So does Ealy. But his 1st step? Doesn't.

8. Rotations Againnna?, Argh! - If Knighton goes down or needs a spell, we got Vickerson. Same with Sly, and Wolfe can contribute in a pinch(no I didn't forget about Unrein it just comes without saying). Wolfe and Jackson, can spell Wolfe and Jackson, or replace Wolfe and Jackson, if Wolfe or Jackson gets hurt. Similar players Jackson's just quicker. Q gives Ware a breather. And Von's backup will essentially be Ware. Remember, Von TORE HIS F***NG A-C-L. Even AP started slow coming back from his ACL tear so we canNOT bank on him being 20 sack Von when they say go. That's that kool-aid again(and the MSM). But as I said in #5, Ware don't need the workload of a 25 year old at AGE 32. He literally is the piece solidifying us a trophy, if he is HEALTHY and FRESH going into, and through the playoffs. Think about it. When is the last time Ware played an extended season by making the play-offs? He is entirely too important to burn out on the regular season. Ealy and Q, can spell him and take their lumps early while we HOPEFULLY ease Von in(that's why it sucks the 3 playoff teams are so early). See there how I did that. It's like Jay-Z says, "no one'll fall cause we'll be each others crutch-es".

9. Scheming - He is a true 4-3 DE. The only 1 Rio/Foxy will have in their stable that is a true pass rusher(unlike Robert Ayers). Let's be factual for a sec. Ware has been an OLB his entire career. Stand Up, OLB. Von, is an OLB. Q. Smith, IMO, is a DE, but his measurables lend to an OLB(6'4 250). He stood up some in college. Wolfe was drafted in the mold of a lean DT a la Justin Tuck(at best). But if he gets back to his college weight(295), he's at best a 3-4 DE, and at worst a 4-3 DT. Jackson is a hybrid with a mean 1st step(also). But his skillset lends to a 3-4 DE. We pretty much have a 3-4 team on defense. Unfortunately we have 4-3 coaches(Rio/Fox). Many make light of this(including Foxy), but try to ask Norv Turner to run a West Coast Offense. Or Sean Payton to run a ball control Offense(they failed in the playoffs trying). You are suppose to run what you run as a coach and be in concert with your GM to get you pieces that fit your system. Not the case here, however it's water under the bridge. But with a True 4-3 DE, going forward, that can allow for them to run sets they've run comfortably for years, without having to Scheme players in positions to succeed. For Instance. SEA just ran what they run because they're built to run it. They, like Tampa Bay, Baltimore, New York, won a Super Bowl doing it.

10. If you can pick 1 area to be strongest in/loaded in, what would it be? - For me its DL. See, if we face reality gentlemen, and lady(or 2), DL would be the logical choice for a 1st round pick. Not over a Mosley, maybe Shazier, Pryor, I get it. But we have to win the trenches. Ware(though traditionally OLB), Ealy, Knighton, Jackson, Wolfe, Quanterus, Vickerson, Sly, Unrein, Von(OLB)............WINNNENG!

Many say Defense wins Championships. Defense wins Championships. But really, going back, it's D-lines. That's why I can understand when WillyBFree says Tuitt he's a mammoth. Or someone suggest Hageman with his athletic prowess a light switch goes off for me. We got some Ford lovers out there in the first. I just see an attention grabber when I see Ealy. Sprinkle(Season) him with 2 more pass rush moves, play recog, and a focus on staying low, and this guy will be earning 10 mil a year somewhere. I'm telling you DL is "Where its at" like 2 turn tables and a micro phone.

Ray Ray is a Goat at MLB, but his 2 chips sure were helped by Ngata, and Goose. Tampa Bay anyone. New York and those vaunted front 4 ROTATIONS. I'm sure Seattle was taking notes(drafting Bruce Irving in the FIRST). Clay Matthews. Ever heard of Vince Wilfork. When did the Steelers ever win a chip without a stout front. Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis. Check the history. Do we have a STOUT front? If healthy(Von) yes. Can we afford to add a 1st round stud that looks like Aldon Smith/Michael Bennett? Please Believe. Should we worry about playing time or depth? Give me the comp pick if it means we'll be loaded up front. I Want Depth on my DL. Now tell me how you like my poll b****es(I'm joking for those sensitive folk :-)

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